Cayden: Strict InstructionsMature

“Somebody got laid last night” Brent practically sang as I walked into the store, proudly displaying my sex hair.

“Somebody got laid twenty minutes ago” I corrected, equally as proud of that fact as I was of my sex hair.

“I’m assuming that’s with Maxxie?” he asked with one eyebrow raised.

“Of course it was with Maxxie. Jeez, even if we had split up I’m not that much of a whore” I laughed, getting straight to work in an attempt to avoid the stream of questions that would no doubt fall from Brent’s mouth.

He let me work for all of about ten minutes before leaning over the counter, curiosity clear in his eyes. I flashed him a knowing look but carried on working. I heard a shuffling noise but ignored it. I looked up and practically jumped out of my skin when I saw just how close he was to me. The guy was practically sat on my lap.

“Caaaayden” he said innocently.


“How did it go?”

“Brent, I had sex with him like half an hour ago, isn’t it obvious how it went?”

“You know what I mean” he said, punching me on the arm.

“Fine. How much do you want to know?”

“How much are you willing to tell?”

I rolled my eyes and finished what I was doing before turning to Brent, who was now sat cross-legged on the floor. “We talked things out, went for sushi, fell asleep on the couch, watched the sunrise and-”

Brent groaned. “Cayden, why would you go and watch the sunrise?”

“Felt like it” I shrugged.

“Did you spend any part of it not thinking about John?”

I knew he could tell by my silence that the answer to that was no. He rolled his eyes and shifted position slightly. He opened his mouth to speak so I stood up and carried on with what I was supposed to be doing. All Brent would try to do would be to guilt trip me or something like that. Even though he only knew half the story he’d instantly moan at me for the bad side of things. See, as annoying Brent’s moaning can get, I would’ve made some terrible decisions in my life if it weren’t for him.

“Cayden, wouldn’t it have made more sense to watch the sunset with him?” Brent asked softly.

“I can watch a sunset whenever I want. I’ve seen more than enough. But I’m never around for the sunrise. You know damn well that up until today I’d only ever seen one. They’re still special to me”.

“Aaw, I never thought you were that sappy, dude”.

“Shut up” I said sourly before the two of us burst out laughing.

We were laughing so much we scared off at least three customers but neither of us cared. Brent looked around at the clock on the wall, tears still forming as he rode out his laughter. “Listen, in a couple hours you’re gonna call Maxxie. You’re gonna… I don’t know, take him to the movies or something and then go back to either yours or his and have plenty of hot passionate sex that I really don’t want to hear about but will most likely end up asking about anyway, okay?”

I chuckled and nodded. It was a big step for Brent to talk about sex so openly. Man, he’s so a closet gay. But as instructed, a few hours later I called Maxxie, timing it for when I knew he’d be on his break.

“Hey dollface. I’ve been given strict instructions that we better stick to” I said with a laugh.

Note to self, thank Brent tomorrow.

The End

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