Maxxie: good hair dayMature

I smile into Cay's hug. He's hugging back tighter than I'm hugging him and I wonder for a brief moment if it's a good idea and if it'll hurt his ribs any more, but I figure he's not stupid enough to make it worse just for a hug.

At least I hope he's not.

My hand grows a mind of its own and reaches up, playing with the hair in the nape of his neck gently, wondering what inspired him to tell me about his first boyfriend. I don't know if I should ask, and in the end, I don't, keeping the question to myself. I guess I'm scared to ask in case questioning his motives stops him volunteering more information about himself.

I'm such a girl when it comes to things like this. I could talk about stuff for ages. But Cay's more like your average guy - reluctant to say anything personal, and when he does he "will regret it for the next few hours".

Eventually, and reluctantly, we went back inside, me complaining about having to go to work, and Cay only grumbling about how he was dressed too nicely for work. I grin, and prod his cheek gently.

"You look good, I dunno why you're moaning about it," I tell him as I strip off my shirt, exchanging it for the café's uniform one.

"Trust me; it's just college kids that come into the store. I don't need to dress nice for them. I could probably go in naked and they wouldn't even notice," he says, his voice still a sullen grumble.

"I'd notice," I wink, "I'm sure they would, too." Ooh. Sex deprived Maxxie is rearing his ugly, flirtatious head without warning. Go away. I don't need you just before I go to work. Thankfully, Cay doesn't go for humouring the flirt and goes off into a mini rant, instead.

"They seriously wouldn't. They come in with this huge list of books, get pissy with you if you don't have one of them in stock then go running off to Starbucks before they have a nervous breakdown from lack of caffeine." I laugh and kiss him lightly on the cheek as I pass him on the way to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I watch him from the doorway as he messes about with his hair, trying to get it right, trying not to laugh again at the irritated expression on his face as it refuses to cooperate.

"There's some hair wax in my room in the top drawer," I say around the toothbrush.

He walks over and wraps his arms around my waist, "My hair always looks good after sex..." oh, there we go.

"I don't have time," I whine, rinsing out my mouth, "I'm s'posed to open up today," I pout, turning in his grip to kiss him firmly. I really wish I did have time, though. This is gonna bug me for my whole shift. With a small sigh, I relax into his arms, giving him another kiss, "so be quick."


The End

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