Cayden: SunriseMature

I sprinted up to the roof, almost dropping the key as I hurried to get the door unlocked. I wasn’t sure why I was getting so excited over the sunrise. I guess maybe because the last time I saw one was when I was about fifteen. Me and a bunch of friends had driven out into the middle of nowhere, camped out under some trees and fell asleep watching the stars. Well, everyone except me and my best friend John. We’d stayed up talking, just waiting for the others to fall asleep, then slipped off to do our own thing. Our own thing turned out to be a serious make out session which got pretty much as close to sex as you can get without actually having sex. See, John was a good law abiding citizen and US law says it’s not okay for two guys to fuck each other till they’re both eighteen. Never mind the sixteen year old hoe who gives it away on her sixteenth birthday, as long as the gay guys aren’t enjoying themselves everything’ll be fine. That’s a little off track… But yeah, last sunrise, John and me. I think I’d purposely avoided sunrises after that, convinced myself they were something special and exclusive to that one spot. I know I purposely avoided them after things with me and John didn’t work out. Aside from being a law abiding citizen he was also a really shitty Catholic. His parents weren’t exactly pleased with his behavior anyway and when they found out he had a boyfriend they all but disowned him. Then said “hey, ditch him and never see him again and we’ll forget this ever happened”. The rest is history.

I shook my head, clearing out the memory, and tried to find somewhere comfortable to sit until Maxxie made his way up. I tried sitting on one of those ventilation things but it was just plain uncomfortable. Same for the actually roof. So instead I draped my long legs over the edge of the building and balanced precariously on the random ledge that goes around the outside of all apartment roofs. I started swinging my legs, not minding that my heels bumped against the wall below me.

“You’ll fall off if you’re not careful” Maxxie’s voice broke the silence and I sighed, turning my head and giving him a smile.

“I’ve got the balance of a cat, me” I said, swinging my legs back over and moving to help Maxxie with the blanket he’d bought up with him.

I’d already tried lying on the roof and it wasn’t particularly comfy but something told me the addition of Maxxie and his blanket would make it the most comfortable spot on Earth. I lay down next to him, trying to ignore the cigarettes he’d brought with him and watched as the horizon slowly started to turn a warm orange colour. As the sun made it’s slow ascent in the sky I tried not to let my brain think. But my stupid brain won and I found myself thinking about the sunrise with John. Man, I loved that kid, why the fuck did he have to go and break my heart?

“Cay?” Maxxie’s voice distracted me just in time. My idiotic brain had just been about to relay back to me my first kiss. Which just so happened to belong to John.

“Hmm?” I asked, shuffling closer to him.

“Do you mind if I…?” he trailed off, sort of jiggling the pack of cigarettes.

“Go ahead” I said. I didn’t exactly like him smoking, frankly the smell disgusts me a little bit, but if he wanted to I wouldn’t complain.

I resisted the urge to scrunch my nose up as the smell of the smoke seeped into my nose and focused my attention back on the horizon. The sun was almost completely above the horizon, bathing the puffy clouds in a warm orange glow that was tinged with a dusky pink. It was gorgeous. I leant over and kissed Maxxie, ignoring the taste of the smoke and stood up, pulling him up with me. Without a word I pulled him to the edge of the roof where I’d been sat before and sat back down, still in complete silence. I could tell he couldn’t work out what I was doing but sat down regardless. Screw John and his sunrise, this was Maxxie’s sunrise. And it was so much better.

The End

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