Maxxie: roof keyMature

I don't know how to feel about what happened, really. The empty grin, I mean. He couldn't say it back, and while I wasn't exactly expecting him to, it would've been nice if he'd... well I dunno. At least given me a genuine smile, even if he couldn't say it back, I guess.

And then him saying he didn't want to rush things. Again, understandable, but it didn't feel right, somehow. Cay's probably got the most overactive libido ever and it's been what? Three days with nothing? I mean sure, he was like concussed or whatever, and then we had a fight, but he's not the kinda guy I would expect to hold off because he didn't want to rush things.

At some point, I must have fallen asleep on him, because the next thing I know is Cay whispering my name in my ear. I groan slightly and shift, groggily realizing how stiff I am from sleeping in a weird position, but I don't open my eyes, instead snuggling more against him, pressing my face further into the side of his neck.

"Max," he mutters, trying to wake me up again. So I lick his neck.

"Shh," I tell him, not moving. He gives me a soft laugh and I scowl into his skin.

"Eew, I don't want your rabies. C'mon, I wanna go watch the sun." Firstly, that's not shh-ing, secondly, I do not have rabies, and thirdly...

"I'm comfy here," I moan, closing my eyes and letting my face relax out of the scowl again. He pokes my side gently.

"I'm watching it either way," he says and I finally sit up, rubbing my eyes.

"You're very persistent," I grumble, "I dunno where I put the key to the roof door."

"If only I'd bought my grenades with me, we wouldn't need the key," he grins and I laugh slightly, forcing myself up to look for it. I think I last saw it in a drawer in the kitchen...

"I'd love to hear what the landlord would say about you blowing up the roof of the apartment block." Eventually I find the key at the back of the bottom drawer, but not before I've strewn half of its contents across the floor. Between opening the drawer and finding the key, I found an old zippo lighter that my granddad gave me, a roll of perishing bin liners, a couple of car keys for cars that are now recycled carpets and bean tins, a pot of dried up hair gel and a pizza cutter I never knew I had.

With the thought that I should really have a good clean out this summer, I wander back into the living room and hold it up with a sleepily triumphant grin. "I win. Max: one, key: nil." Cay glances up at me, from his impatient fidgeting. "Okay, okay, get your ass up stairs, then," I laugh, tossing him the key, "I'll grab something to sit on."

"Win," he says, dashing out of my apartment. Anyone would have thought he couldn't wait to get the fuck out of here. With a sigh, I let my smile fall, grab my smokes and a blanket and wander upstairs to find him.

I slap a smile on my lips before I go outside, though. 


The End

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