Cayden: Rushing ThingsMature

You know that moment in your life when someone tells you they love you and you can’t help but smile because it’s all you’ve been waiting for? That’s also the moment which decides the future of your relationship. And for all the good times and sex we’d had, I didn’t know if I could bring myself to say it back. So I settled for a grin, knowing full well that it didn’t reach my eyes. Because in that moment I realised that how I reacted could either send our relationship soaring to new heights or crashing back down to where it had been festering for the last few hours.


We made it to the sushi bar in next to no time and before I knew it, I was shoveling the tiny parcels of rice and whatever fish felt like being there into my mouth. Bad decision since it all tasted equally gross.

“Oh my God, this is actually disgusting” I said, mouth full of rice.

Maxxie giggled. “Which one is it?”

“I don’t know, but it tastes like evil”.

Maxxie full on laughed this time and I glared at him. This was not funny in any way, shape or form. Evil was residing in my mouth and I wanted it gone. Why is it when you want to spit something out there’s a worldwide shortage of napkins? All the while Maxxie sat next to me, laughing and delicately popping different pieces of sushi into his mouth. The urge to kiss him and force my half-eaten sushi into his mouth was almost unbearable but I resisted because I wasn’t entirely sure how he’d take it. I mean, he might laugh it off but he might flip out over it. Man, did I really know that little about him?


By the time we got back to Maxxie’s we were a mess of rushed kisses and fumbled touches, and I couldn’t help but feel we were moving too fast considering we’d only recently had a fight that had the potential to split us up. That part of me was slowly being forced back by the sheer anticipation of what was happening. I pushed Maxxie against the wall, my ribs screaming in protest as I pressed myself against him. After a few minutes my more reasonable side seemed to emerge again and I pulled back, wincing as I finally noticed just how much that had hurt.

“Cay?” Maxxie asked, sounding a little let down.

“I’m fine” I said with a weak smile, “I just don’t want to rush things again, you know?”

Maxxie made a noise that sounded almost like a hum and pulled me over to the couch. We lay there curled up against each other for hours. It wasn't long until Maxxie's breathing slowed down, signaling that he'd fallen asleep. A few hours later and I was debating waking him up. I'd randomly had the urge to go up to the roof with a blanket or something and watch the sunrise.

"Maxxie" I whispered, waiting to see if his beautiful green eyes would open.

The End

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