Cayden: Talking Things OutMature

“Why do I let you talk me into these things?” I growled as Brent fussed over my hair and clothes.

“Because without me you’d just sit around getting drunk” he snapped playfully.

“I don’t get drunk”.

“Trust me, Cayden, you get drunk. You’re just badass at getting the alcohol out of your system before it realises it was even there”.

I frowned as Brent started fawning over me again, making sure every inch of my person looked immaculate. I didn’t see the point really; I was still pissed off at Maxxie. I mean, even if you do agree to take a double shift at work and forget to call; you don’t come home at some ungodly hour tasting of booze and barely able to keep your eyes open.

Brent flapped about for a good half hour before deciding that I was presentable and ready to go to Maxxie’s. Why he was taking such a sudden interest in my sex life I wasn’t sure and I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed it. See Brent was straight as an arrow, no question about it. And while he openly supported gay relationships, in his exact words “I really don’t need to hear the gory details”. The gory details to him seemed to be anything more than holding hands but then again, that seemed to apply to any relationship. He’s not exactly a “kiss and tell” type is what I’m trying to say.

He shoved me out the door with nothing but a cry of “good luck, I’ll feed Gary!” and my front door key. The frown stayed glued to my face as I walked to Maxxie’s, messing about with my hair to make myself look a little less immaculate. I hadn’t intended to go home first anyway. The plan had been to wander over straight after work, looking a mess from pushing my hair back and forth out of my eyes. But no, Brent just had to get all involved and try to make me look pretty and presentable. Dick.


I strolled up to Maxxie’s apartment, causally late. Okay, a little more than casually. Quite a bit more than casually. Yeah, I’d kind of had second thoughts halfway there and decided a cup of coffee would help me decide. I figured there was no need to knock since he was expecting me and in all fairness the worst thing I could walk in on would be him and Alex. It took a few seconds to spot him through the thin haze of smoke but when I did I saw him stood by the window, smoking a cigarette like it was going out of fashion.

“Didn’t know you smoked” I said flatly, glancing at the flowers on the coffee table. The flowers I’d bought him.

"I don't, usually. Thought I'd kicked the habit, but apparently not."

"Hmm” I said as if it was some huge discovery. “So..."

He flicked the cigarette out the window before turning to me. "I'm sorry I pissed you off this morning, Cay."

“Are you really?" I said, biting back the pissy mood that was slowly starting to rise up from my chest. At least hear the guy out, Cayden.

"Yeah, of course," he said, confused, "why wouldn't I be? I don't want to fight with the guy I care most about."

"Then tell me what actually happened. Maybe I'm just being paranoid..."

"What, how I spent my day yesterday?"

"No, I mean what... Ah forget it"


"Doesn't matter" I said with a shrug, sitting on the couch.

He hesitated before sitting at the other end, clearly avoiding getting too close. "Sure?"

"Sure. What did you have in mind for tonight?" I said, not sounding entirely convinced.

The look in his eye said he wanted to keep asking but didn’t want to push it. "I dunno. I guess I figured we'd talk it out and set everything straight... I hate it being so awkward, and knowing it's my fault means is even worse," he bit his lip and even with my foul mood on the horizon it was nothing short of adorable.

"Fine by me. Where do we start?"

A nervous laugh escaped his lips in a burst, musical as ever, "I hadn't got that far."

I smiled without meaning to and quickly regained my stony composure. "Well I can tell we're gonna get far"

"Yeah..." he smiled weakly, "Okay, umm... hows about you tell me what you think you were being paranoid about?"

"Whatever did happen last night... It just feels like there's something you're not telling me. Something important..."

He hugged his knees to his chest and looked at the floor, sighing before finally speaking. "Mmm. I needed time to think and I kind of... lied, by accident. I didn't mean to lie, I swear," he glanced up at me, obviously trying to gauge my reaction, "Alex bugged me into seeing him, in the morning. He told me a different version of what happened between you two and it confused me... I spent most of the day alone in my apartment thinking, until work. And then I took my thinking to a bar."

I groaned as I spoke, stretching Maxxie’s name out, "Max, I already said I was too drunk to remember what happened properly, you shouldn't have paid attention to any of it"

"I know, I'm sorry. I guess I was just... I dunno. Freaked out by Alex having anything to do with anything in my life anymore."

I nodded. I’m not really sure why I did but I did it nonetheless. “Anything else you want to clear up?”

The End

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