Cayden: Lies And ArgumentsMature

Maxxie lay against me, eyelids fluttering every now and then trying to fight off sleep. I leant over and kissed him, determined to have it the last thing he felt before falling asleep.

“Maxxie,” I whispered softly, “Get to bed. Falling asleep here won’t do you any good. I’ll be in in a minute anyway”.

I wasn’t sure if he heard me but I kissed him again and he seemed to get the message, dragging himself up and into the bedroom. Which was when I tasted it. The alcohol on his breath. Why was there alcohol on his breath? He said he had a double shift, right? So when would he have had the chance to…? I spent the night on the couch staring into space, trying to make sense of everything.


“Did you stay out here all night?” I heard someone ask me and looked round to see Maxxie, eyes cloudy with sleep. But was it entirely sleep?

“Yeah, I guess I just got thinking about stuff” I said, swallowing as I spoke.

“What kind of stuff?”

“Oh, you know, stuff kind of stuff”

"Stuff kind of stuff? Stop hedging, what's bugging you?"

"Nothing" I said sharply, frowning a little.

"I don't believe    that     for a moment, Cay. Seriously... what's on your mind?"

"You said you had to cover someone else's shift last night, right?"

"...yeah. So?"

"So how come your mouth tasted like booze?"

"I went for a drink after. Why?"

"No reason" I sighed.

"I don't believe that, either," he muttered quietly, evidently not expecting me to hear.

"Yeah, well it's the truth" I snapped.

Taken aback, he shuffled into the bathroom without another word. I glared into space, submitting the air particles to my foul mood before getting up and going to get changed. Sure I should’ve gone after Maxxie but I just didn’t fucking feel like it. I heard the shower and decided to take extra long getting dressed, just so he’d be out of the room when I went to brush my teeth. Apparently Maxxie wasn’t too keen on my plan and decided to take as much time as possible. So what did I do to pass the time? Washed some dishes. I went to the sink, ran some water and washed some already clean dishes. A few minutes later a fully dressed Maxxie wandered into the kitchen but I charged off into the bathroom, cleaned my teeth like my life depended on it and charged back out to grab my keys.

“I’m going to work” I said coldly.

"Whatever it is I've done, I'm sorry,"

"Really? Because for some reason I don't believe that. Something's not right between us; I just haven't worked out what yet"

"It'd be nice to know why you're so pissed off at me... I really don't need it when I'm already in a pretty shit position, having my ex back in town and determined to get me back."

"Oh boo hoo, the fucking world's coming to an end. I'd appreciate not being lied to, Maxxie"

"Christ, Cay, I went to a bar after work and didn't mention it! What do you want, a detailed account of my day?"

I glared at him. It wasn’t just a glare, it was the death glare. "Don't fucking mock me"

He took a deep breath before saying "I'm sorry, okay?"

 "Like I said, I'm going to work" I muttered, clenching my jaw.

He sighed sadly. A great heave of air forced out of his lungs. "Sure. I'll see you later if you want."

All he got in return was a shrug as I walked out the door. I was vaguely aware of him walking out the door as well but neither of us spoke to the other. Unfortunately for Maxxie, when I get properly pissed off I stay pissed off for a long time. And even worse for Brent, he was going to have to deal with Mr. Bitchy Cayden. Good luck.

The End

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