Maxxie: You believe me... right?Mature

When I wake up, Cay's still asleep and my phone is going off every few minutes. Someone is determined to spam my inbox. Reluctantly, I dislodge Cay's arms and get up, stretching and yawning before I actually get to my phone. All of the texts are from Alex, asking me where I am, telling me he wants to talk, and all of them getting more and more irritable and impatient the more recent they are. It's only nine am. How long has been up?

With a slight groan, I turn and kiss Cay's forehead gently, pull my clothes back on and leave the apartment. I'm almost at my own apartment when I realize I should have left a note for him, but it's too late now... Alex is sitting in his car outside, waiting for me. And he's spotted me.

He gets out of his car and walks over to me, an expression on his face that's somewhere between irritable and glad to see me. I ignore the kiss on the lips, moving away from him and he pretends that I didn't snub him.

"You hurt Cay," I say accusingly, "you couldn't have your own way instantly so you beat the crap out of my boyfriend."

"Max, I-" he starts but I cut him off with a slap that actually sounds like it hurt for once.

"No, Lex! I thought you were better than that."

"I didn't beat him up!" Confused silence descended upon us. Well, it descended upon me, at least. He waits for me to digest this before going on to say: "he was wandering around looking for a bar and he saw me and started having a go. He hit out do I defended myself. I hit him once, maybe twice, but that was it, I swear, Max." Another silence.

"Alex..." I moan, unsure of what to think, let alone say. I must have given him an upset look or something, because the next thing I know, he's putting his arms around me and for some unknown reason, I hug him back.

"You believe me, right?"

"I dunno," I admit in less than a whisper. He hears it, though, I'm pretty sure. "I dunno who to believe. Cay said you kicked him, like properly beat him up. He's got bruises all over his chest too... But who do I trust, hmm? The one who decided leaving in the middle of the night with only a short note to tell me you were ‘gone forever' because you figured you were straight?" I pull away from him, not wanting him to feel that I was beginning to shake, "or my boyfriend, who's been nothing but good for me since the night I met him?"

I don't want to look up and see the expression on Alex's face, but I find my eyes moving of their own accord. I numbly take in the look on his face, feeling a sudden urge to make him smile. A look like that doesn't belong on the face of an angel, even if he did hurt me.

"C'mon, Max... you said you forgave me. We've been best friends since we were kids in school, and we had the best relationship I've ever had. Do you really believe him over me?"

"I never said I did, only that I don't know..." I whisper, turning away from him, "I need to be alone, do me a favor and leave it for a few days, will you?" Hesitating, he nods and pulls me back for one last hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Please, Max. I won't fuck up again," he murmurs in my ear. 


The End

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