Cayden: SpooningMature

Maxxie was quiet for the rest of the day. Not content quiet, the weird kind of quiet people go when something’s on their mind and they really wish it wasn’t. I couldn’t help but worry about him. If only I hadn’t opened my huge mouth. Why couldn’t I have just kept with my story that I smacked my head on the sidewalk? Stupid stupid idiot.

By the time the evening rolled around I don’t think either of us had said more than two words to each other. I didn’t like it. I felt like it was my fault somehow. It probably was. Things would have been fine if I hadn’t brought it up. Maxxie wouldn’t be standing up to leave. I wouldn’t be feeling guilty. We’d probably be enjoying a nice meal or maybe we would’ve just ordered take out. We would’ve been watching a movie and cuddling and all that couple shit.

I caught Maxxie’s hand and looked straight into his eyes, knowing damn well that my own eyes were pleading. “You don’t have to go”.

"I should go... y'know, leave you to rest up..." he mumbled so weakly I could barely hear him.

"Please" I said, looking and sounding desperate. Jeez, is that how pathetic I’ve gotten?

"I dunno..." I could tell he wanted to stay, I just didn’t know how to phrase things properly.

So I bit my lip instead. "I... I guess if you really want to go you should. I don't want you to... But making you stay is just being selfish..."

He sat back down and I wrapped an arm around him. “No it's okay. Actually, it would probably be a good idea to stay... Alex would probably turn up, knowing my luck."

I laughed nervously, snuggling up against Maxxie. "I feel like this is my fault"

"No, it's not your fault at all," he hugged me and went back to playing with my hair. I loved how it felt. It wasn’t as good as him kissing my neck but it would do.

I opened my mouth to protest but realised I’d get nowhere and let the subject drop, even if I did still feel guilty. "It's a bit late but do you want to order a pizza or something?"

"I'm not hungry, but I'll get it if you want some."

"Nah, I don't think food's a smart idea right now. Those painkillers the hospital gave me are actually making me feel a bit sick"

Cue the awkward silence where no one knows quite what to say and doesn’t want to say anything in case it sounds stupid.

He kissed my cheek, leaving a warm trace of his lips behind. "Want me to get you a drink?"

I shook my head and nuzzled into his neck, sinking into the warmth of him.

"You're feeling sick," he said softly but moved his hand down to my neck regardless, gently drawing shapes onto my skin.

 I hummed and leant up slightly to leave a sloppy kiss on his hickey. I felt Maxxie hook a finger under my chin and lifted my head up to meet his lips with my own. I hummed again and felt him smile before pulling away. "C'mon, let's go to bed. I need to spoon" I said with a smile.

Maxxie stood up, pulling me with him and the two of us walked hand in hand to the bedroom, sharing quick chaste kissing as we went. At some point we must have stripped down to our boxers but the next thing I was aware of I was lying in bed with Maxxie, pressed as close to him as possible and playing with his hair for no apparent reason. He placed one last kiss on my lips before falling asleep, no doubt tired from what had happened the day. Can’t say I blame him. In fact, I stayed awake just long enough to kiss the top of his head before I was out like a light as well.


I woke up, vaguely aware of the thin beams of sunlight sneaking through the gaps in the blinds. Gary’s fish tank bubbled away happily and I found it extremely hard to open my eyes. But when I did I was met with a sight I didn’t want to see. No Maxxie and no note. Just Gary and I, and even he didn’t seem that interested. Shit, why did I have to go and open my big fat mouth?

The End

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