Maxxie: not even in self defenceMature

Talk in private? I can't help it, I'm a nosy little fuck and I know it. So, as promised, I follow and listen outside the door, doing my best to look like I'm standing there casually waiting for Cay to come back out.

"Right. Cayden, I have to ask, has he been abusing you?" My heart, which had just about returned to its normal place after the little incident with Alex, slipped back down a little. Why does it have to keep doing that? If they're not careful, we'll be staying even longer, ‘cause I'll have had a heart attack. I resist the urge to burst in there and get all angry about the question, because not only would the doc look unkindly on my eavesdropping, it would also confirm his very wrong suspicions.

"Define abusing," Cay replies and the doc takes a moment to reply, apparently not expecting that answer.

"Well... domestic violence kind of abuse," she explains.

"Wait, you think he's been...? Lady, you are out of your mind."

"You're not covering up for him, are you?" she asks somewhat accusingly and it takes a surprising amount of effort not to slap her for assuming things about me when she doesn't even know my name. Cay laughs in disbelief, and I shrink back as I see the doc move past the gap in the door.

"There's nothing to cover up!  I can't believe I'm hearing this." You and me both, gorgeous. Accusing probably the least violent person in the world - aside from like Ghandi - of domestic violence? Aside from that, I love the guy too much to hurt him like that. Or in any way, to be honest.

"Okay, Mr. Smith. It's my job to ask, I apologise if I caused any offence," she closes the conversation/interrogation swiftly and I move back to my original seat before she has a chance to open the door. I don't really hear what Cay says to that, since I'm out of earshot, but I'm sure it's something along the lines of "yeah, of course you are."

She walks him back over to me, fills out a few forms in silence as Cay resumes his position leaning into me, his head resting on my shoulder. I'm pretty sure that she caught me giving her a smouldering look at one point though. Why would I ever hit my gorgeous boyfriend? Just going over their brief conversation in my head makes me irrationally angry.

I slip my arm around him comfortingly and push a small smile onto my lips.

While I don't mind being the one doing the comforting, I have to admit, it's pretty fucking weird. I'm not used to Cay showing any kind of quiet, submissive side to his personality at all.

Not that it's a bad thing to know it does exist.


Eventually, we make it back to his apartment, and Cay quickly pulls himself together, recovering from the trip to the hospital almost the moment we're through his door.

"Can you believe what that bitch said?" he asks indignantly as I flop onto the sofa.

"No," I mumble, "imagine me ever trying to hit someone," I laugh weakly. The thought is laughable. I can't even leave a red mark if I slap someone, let alone a bruise that bad. He laughs too, though his laugh is a proper one, not like my pathetic one.

"I can't picture you ever hitting anyone. I mean, maybe in self-defence, yeah, but otherwise... Nope, I'm just not seeing it."

"Not even in self defence," I sigh, slouching further into the cushions as he sits with me.


"Mmm," I half smile, "I used to get bullied at high school for being gay, but I never stuck up for myself." No... that was Alex's job - to stick up for his useless best friend.

Cay pulls me into a warm, firm hug, and I let him, relaxing against his body with ease. "Well I guess I'm just going to have to protect you then," he smiles and I reach up, kissing him on the lips.

"I've just realised how pathetic I made myself sound by telling you that," I mumble, closing my eyes and resting my head back on his shoulder, "I'm not that useless really. I just avoid conflict." Yeah, yeah. Keep telling yourself that, Max.

Useless lump.


The End

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