Cayden: X-RayMature

“Did I ever tell you hospitals creep me out?” I asked Maxxie, perched on the edge of a hospital bed in a hospital gown and waiting to be dragged off for an x-ray of my skull.

“Yeah you did. But listen, there’s nothing to worry about, okay? What’s the worst that could happen?” Maxxie asked brightly and I felt my nerves calm down a little.

He smiled and came over to wrap me in a hug. I guess I looked as nervous as I felt. I hummed into his shoulder, which I’d pressed my face into, as he started rubbing circles into my back. We stayed like that for at least ten minutes before anyone showed up, and even then they left the room stating “I’ll give you a minute”.

“You don’t think it’ll be serious, do you?” I asked, still nuzzled into his shoulder.

“Of course not, everything’s going to be fine. The only thing they’ll find out is that you’re a big ol’ softy” he said, shaking lightly as he laughed.

“I’m not a softie” I moaned.

“Mr Smith?” a woman said from the doorway.

I looked up and saw a blonde woman in scrubs. She flashed me a look that said “Smith? Yeah, you’re using a fake name” before running her eyes over the medical chart that was hooked over the end of the bed. “You say you tripped and hit your head”.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Oh, no reason. It’s just the area you landed on and the size of the bruise make it seem a little more like something else”.


“Mr Smith, I re-”

“Cayden” I said, a little annoyed.

“Mr Smith,” she said again, “I-”

“Unless you say “Cayden” I’m not going to listen”.

“We’re ready for your x-ray” she said huffily and marched out of the room.


I was sat with Maxxie, now back in my own clothes, waiting for someone to come explain the x-ray to us. Maxxie had an arm round my shoulders and I was snuggled into his neck again. I really do not like hospitals. They make me go all… submissive. And that’s not like me. I like being dominant. I like being in control. But instead I just end up clinging to the closest person I know for comfort.

“Mr Smith?” another doctor asked as they poked their head into the room.

I nodded and Maxxie squeezed my shoulders a little. The doctor explained the x-ray and basically, my skull wasn’t fractured but it was badly bruised and would take a while to heal. I got given some painkillers and was getting the hell out of the place when….
“Cayden, can I talk to you in private?” the blonde doctor from before asked.

I looked at Maxxie and I’m sure he could see the desperation in my eyes but he nodded regardless, whispering softly in my ear that he’d slyly follow me.

“Cayden, I was being serious about that bruise. It looks more like the result of a fight. That gentleman with you, he was your…?”

“Boyfriend” I said and had to try not to grin as I did.

“Right. Cayden, I have to ask, has he been abusing you?”

The End

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