After dinner, Annie put Liliana to bed, while Helena and I poured ourselves glasses of wine. Helena was feeling rather uncomfortable from the frosty looks Annie had been giving her over the dinner table, so I thought that some wine would loosen her up. We sat on the sofa, our legs crossed. Annie came in and slid on to the sofa between us, leaning on me. I could see that Helena was feeling uncomfortable again so I slid out from under Annie and went to sit on a single chair.

"So Helena, tell Annie about the shoot today."

"Oh you want to know?" Helena said timidly.

"Not particularly." Annie was being frosty again.

"Annie, can I see you for a minute?"

I got up and went to the bedroom, letting her in then closing the door.

"What are you doing? Do you have to be so frosty?"

"Look, you're the one that's brought her here!" 

"Hon, please try and be nice. You're scaring her."

"I'm scaring her! Oh suddenly you care about her!"

I put my finger on her lips and kissed her.

"I care about you."

She pushed me away, but reluctantly.

"I just don't want to lose you."

"Well you will if you push Helena away."

She glared. "See! You care about her!"

"Jeez Annie! You are awful  you know that?" I stormed out. "Helena, would you mind if I moved you to my old house now? I'll stay with you and have a drink but then I have to get back."

"No no, I can see I'm causing trouble."

"No trouble, really."

"Yes she is." Annie had come out of the bedroom. "I get jealous of anyone near my girlfriend."

"Well, so much for kindness. Especially as her boyfriend kicked her out this week!" I slammed the door as we left, leaving Annie slightly shocked. I hope that gives her something to think about. I have to admit, I liked it when she was jealous, but this was just slightly over the top.

I drove Helena to the old house, apologising all the way. When we got there I unlocked the door and walked in after her, closing the door behind us.

"Will this be alright?"

"Yeah, it's awesome!"

"Good. I'll get us a drink shall I?" She nodded and I headed over to the cabinet. There was still a bottle of wine in there and I got it out, grabbing some glasses as well.

I'd been there for half an hour when one of us suggested poker. We began playing, but when I won first, Helena  pulled off her top.

"Strip poker?"

"Yeah. I thought that was what we were playing."

"Why not?" I got ready for the next round. By the time the game was finished, Helena had only her bra and pants on, while I had only lost my trousers. "I won!" I shouted, dancing around. Helena clapped and stood up as well.

"So are you going back now?"

"Yeah I'd better."

"Well thank, for everything."

"No problem." We stood awkwardly, wondering whether to shake hands or to hug or what. Helena stepped forward and put out her hand. I did the same, my hand meeting hers. We shook awkwardly. I kept my eyes on hers, not daring to look down. She however glanced down and bit her lip. Then she stepped forward again and put her arms around me in a hug. I hugged her back after staring ahead for a few seconds. I could smell her perfume, it was sweet and flowery. I breathed it in automatically. I could feel her breasts pressed on mine through my thin top, and I wasn't even going to mention what I could feel below. I felt her arms skimming across mine as she pulled back, kissing my cheek as she went.

"Thanks again." She looked so innocent standing there in her underwear, her big brown eyes staring at me, exploring me. My eyes automatically followed hers. She was paying close attention to my breasts, and then my legs. I realised I still hadn't put my trousers on and grabbed them, stuffing my legs in to them.

"Ummm." I cleared my throat. "Well I'll be going then. See you tomorrow."


"You want me to pick you up?"


"Right. Well. Umm. Ok, See you."

"Bye." I looked back as I closed the door, seeing her pulling her top over her chest.

When I got back Annie was already in bed. I slipped under the covers and turned to face her back. I kissed her shoulder and let my fingers slip down the curves of her body. Her hand caught mine at her hip.

"Not tonight." I sighed. I was going to have to make it up to her. But why should I? How could she get jealous of a straight girl? But then she hadn't seemed too straight as we stood in the, don't think of it.

I rolled over. "Goodnight Annie."

There was no reply.

The End

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