Cayden: FlowersMature

I rolled over, still half asleep and expecting to run into Maxxie but was met by an empty space. Wait, what? I shook my head to clear out the fog of sleep and looked at the space in the bed next to me. Yep, definitely empty. I pulled myself up onto my elbows and frowned. It just didn’t seem like Maxxie to take off like that. I mean, he always got so clingy after sex. While I lay there wondering what could possibly have gone on, I heard a quiet bubbling sound. The kind of sound a fish tank makes.

I looked round, grinning at the sight that lay waiting for me. Swimming quite happily in a tank filled with luminous plants and brightly coloured stones, was a goldfish. And not just any goldfish. Gary. The very Gary I was obsessing over just a few hours ago. I hopped out of bed, dashing over to the tank and staring at the fish inside. He, at least I’m assuming it’s a he, turned and stared at me for a few seconds with his bulbous fish eyes before swimming off to do whatever it is fish get up to in their spare time. I spun round to thank Maxxie but remembered he wasn’t there. I frowned a little and grabbed my phone from the back pocket of my jeans which were handily just at my feet and sent Maxxie a text.


Hey doll, 

Text me your address.
 I’ve got some stuff to do but I’ll be at your place as soon as, mess or no mess

Cayden xx

 I strolled over to the wardrobe, picking out one of my best shirts (this sexy as fitted blue plaid one) and my skinniest pair of jeans which are admittedly a little tight but hugs my hips oh so sexily. I fussed about with my hair for a while before deciding it looked good enough for the walk to Brent’s house.


I dashed into a flower shop after I’d been to Brent’s. Turns out Baldy had been really struggling without me at the store and was even willing to apologise for being an absolute dick. The reason he was being an absolute dick? Because I’m gay. Simple as. Fucking dick. I smiled at the pretty blonde girl behind the counter as she asked how she could help.

“Yeah, I want to get some nice flowers. No roses, though, they’re too cliché” I said, smile widening as I pictured Maxxie’s reaction to the flowers.

“Aww, who are they for?”

“My boyfriend” I said, grinning like an idiot.

“Are you sure you don’t want roses? They do mean love, after all”

“I want something nicer than that. I… I don’t know, whatever you think’s best” I blushed.

“Hmmm, I think Sweet William’s would be nice. They mean perfection, you know? And maybe… No, I know exactly what you want” she said, putting back the bunch of flowers she had in her hand.

She dashed into the back room and came back with a bouquet that even I had to admit was gorgeous, and trust me I’m not a flower person. Wrapped delicately in deep red tissue paper was a bunch of red roses, white lilies and some pink flowers that looked almost like forget-me-nots.

“The roses mean love, the lilies mean something like “it’s heavenly to be with you” and I’m not sure what the waxflowers mean but they look nice, huh?” she said, admiring the flowers. “I wish someone would buy me flowers like this”.

“Well I tell you what, have a rose on me” I said with a wink.

“Then that’ll be $45” she said with a smile.

Whoa, since when did flowers get so expensive? Hell, Maxxie’s worth it.


I stood at Maxxie’s front door, curious as to why a) the front door was hanging slightly ajar and b) I could hear another voice coming from inside his apartment. I crept into the apartment, trying to listen in on what was being said.

“Maxxie?” I asked as I saw some other guy stood in front of Maxxie.

The End

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