Maxxie: cleaningMature

... I've never met someone that buys so impulsively.

And I've met myself, obviously.

I'll admit the shades he picked out for me aren't half bad, but c'mon. How do you get distracted from buying soda by a goldfish?

By the time we get back to his apartment, my soda's all gone anyways. And thankfully so is the embarrassing problem I left the apartment with, despite his grabbing me all the way back. Though to be honest, that was probably more to do with my determination not to let my small, tiny, weenie weakness for being dominated like that get the better of me in public.

Which, by the way, I don't think he's figured out yet. He doesn't seem to have realized that my huge, huge embarrassment earlier was more from being so fucking turned on by his public teasing rather than the fact I was out in public with wood.

Cay dumps all his random crap he doesn't need on the sofa, his hands snaking around my waist without hesitation, or even a pause to close the door. He kicks it closed without looking, his lips flitting over mine teasingly. Oh, look. My problem's back. Well that didn't take long. He grins, the smoke in his eyes telling me all I need to know about how we're going to spend the next hour or so.


Post-sex sleep clouds Cay's eyes as he relaxes into his pillows with a smile on his lips. I snuggle against him, giving him a last kiss before he falls asleep. I wait a few minutes, before slipping out of his loose hold on me, pulling on my boxers and jeans quietly, all the while searching for a pen and paper.

Eventually I find the notepad he spent a good ten minutes choosing earlier and flip open to the first page, writing a quick note to him.

Hey sleeping beauty,

I've gone to quickly clean up my apartment, s maybe we can spend the evening there? I don't mind. I should be back before you wake up, but just in case I go all OCD on the whole cleaning thing, I'm leaving this lil note here, so you don't think I've run away.

Hope you sleep well.

Maxxie xx

I leave the note on the bedside table where he will see it when he wakes up and slope off to "clean my apartment". What I really mean is, going off to the pet shop and buying a pretty fish tank and the goldfish Cay said he wanted. Cleaning can come later.

I get back, grinning as I somehow set up the tank in Cay's room quietly enough to not wake him, and add a PS to my note.

PS: In the meantime, I leave you with Gary. Enjoy :)

With a small sigh, I kiss Cay's forehead and vanish again to tackle my apartment. JOY.


The End

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