Cayden: Impulse BuyingMature

I laughed as Maxxie walked to the store beside me, hard on still extremely visible. His cheeks were bright red and he looked nothing but adorable. I laughed again as some woman flashed him a disgusted look and steered her little boy in the opposite direction.

“Shut up” Maxxie said, his cheeks flashing an ever brighter red.

“I can’t help it, this is fucking hilarious” I laughed, earning a glare from Maxxie.

I slipped an arm round his waist and kissed his jaw. Then someone flashed him another disgusted look and I burst out laughing again.

“You’re really not being helpful right now” he said, leaning his head on my arm.

“Well, I tell you what. We go to the store, buy you your soda and when we get back to my place I’ll deal with your little problem” I said quietly, smirking.

Maxxie hummed in agreement.


“Cay, you don’t need a goldfish” Maxxie sighed.

“But I’ve always wanted a goldfish” I pouted, trying to give him the puppy-dog eye treatment through the fish tank I was kneeling at.

“You don’t need a goldfish”.

“I’ll call him Gary. After the snail. Y’know, Gary the Snail? In Spongebob”

“Cayden, you do not need a goldfish”.

I stood up, pouted and crossed my arms, turning away from Maxxie huffily. The second I did something else caught my eye and I dashed over to it. And I’d like to stress the point that we hadn’t actually made it to the store yet. We were in a pet shop that was on the way to the store.

“Cayden, you don’t need a puppy either” Maxxie said, sounding a little annoyed.

“But look at its face” I said gleefully, kneeling next to the pen which housed a small beagle puppy. It stood up on its hind legs, wagging its tail happily as I said it.

Maxxie rolled his eyes and started walking out of the pet shop. I looked between Maxxie and the puppy then back again.

“Hey! Wait up!”


I laughed as I looked at Maxxie, carrying several items of which none were soda. He had a deflated beach ball, a pack of matches, two cases of beer, a notepad and was wearing a pair of sunglasses I thought he looked cute in. We were just heading for the fridges to get his soda when I saw something else that caught my eye. I dashed over, earning a sigh from Maxxie as he followed.

“It’s like shopping with a child” he muttered.

“Correction: it’s like shopping with a child who has daddy’s credit card”.

I looked at the object that had attracted my attention and decided I had to have it. Maxxie tilted his head down so he could see past the shades and groaned in annoyance.

“Cayden, you don’t need a jewelry box”.

“But it’s pretty” I pouted. Evidently pouting doesn’t work on him.

“Soda. Now”.

I frowned but smiled to show I didn’t mean it. I’m not even sure if he saw the frown past the shades. I skipped over to the fridge and grabbed a coke. I grabbed a few more pointless and unnecessary things on the way to pay for it all and wrapped Maxxie in a hug as he packed everything into a bag.

“And now, mister, we go back to mine and I handle your little problem” I said huskily.

“One problem there, Cay. It’s taken two hours to buy all this; my “little problem” handled itself”.

“Mmm, well I’m sure I can bring it back” I kissed him and grabbed his crotch in the middle of the store, ignoring all the tutting and frowns sent our way.

The End

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