Cayden: PricelessMature

I smiled into Maxxie’s neck at the sight of his extremely visible hard on. I was determined to tease him until I found out exactly what got him going, just like he can get me going by kissing my neck. Or even just playing with my neck. There had to be something that had the same effect on him. Hell, maybe teasing him was what got him going. I wouldn’t complain if it was; there’s something strangely satisfying about seeing just how far you can push someone. He’d sunk into my hug, surrendering to me and now it was just a case of seeing exactly how far along I could get him. He’s right, I am evil.

I kept kissing the hickey under his jaw, sucking on it again every now and then just to try and make it last that little bit longer as my hands delved down into his jeans, palming him through his boxers. He moaned and turned his head, his lips desperately seeking contact but I turned as well, nipping at his shoulder. I looked up at him from under my lashes and licked my lips, granting him a fleeting kiss before concentrating on his neck again. I felt his fingers tugging at my hair, trying to steer me back towards his mouth but I wasn’t having that. I squeezed at the bulge in his boxers, earning a gasp and a shiver that rippled up his spine.

Without warning I pulled my hands out of his pants, gripping his hips, almost determined to bruise the soft skin. I dug my fingertips into his hips, biting at his neck. Maxxie shimmied his hips a little, loosening my grip and using the opportunity to turn around in my arms. He bit hungrily at my lips, desperately trying to push his tongue into my mouth. I smiled and pulled back, pressing a finger to his lips.

“I love teasing you” I said a little breathlessly before threading my fingers through his hair and attacking his lips mercilessly with my own.

I pulled back again when I felt myself getting hard. That definitely wasn’t part of the plan. Which was when I noticed Maxxie’s fingertips brushing against my neck. I grinned, grabbing his ass and hoisting him up so his feet were no longer touching the ground. He made a noise that sounded almost like a squeak and wrapped his legs around my hips. And he seemed to take my hands being preoccupied as an open invitation to start kissing up and down my neck again. I shivered and headed towards the bedroom, kissing at his chest.

I practically threw him down on the bed, smiling as he giggled. I leant over him, popping the button on his jeans and undoing the zip before pulling them off in one swift move. Before he had time to register it, I was between his knees and kissing him wildly again. I went to move down but he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me back up for another kiss. I bit my lip as I trailed a finger down his torso before pulling on the waistband on his boxers with my teeth. I looked up from under my lashes again, smirking at the look on Maxxie’s face. It was the perfect time.

I stood up, grinning devilishly at his confused expression. “Actually, I wouldn’t mind going to the store” I said innocently with a wink.

The look on Maxxie’s face? Priceless.

The End

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