Rosalita: ArgumentMature

"I was shocked at Annie's response.

"Yeah I did. Why is that a problem?"

"Because we don't know who she is! She's with our child!" She rushed to the door and peered through. Everything seemed fine because she left the door and turned to me, her arms folded and her lips pursed. She was angry. "What went through your head? Is it because she's pretty?"

"No! She just needs a place to stay hon. And I'd never look at anyone but you." I tried to slip my arm around her waist but she pushed me away.

"One night!"

"But Annie!"

"One night!" She stormed over to the stove.

"Fine! God, who knew childbirth would make you this annoying!"

"How dare you!"

"Oh just shut up!" I walked out and slumped on the sofa.

"What was that about?" Helena asked.

"Annie doesn't like the fact that I only met you today."

"Well that's understandable."

"She wants to give you only tonight."

"Oh. Well I suppose it was too much to ask for. I'll leave tomorrow."

"No no. It's my house as well. And if she completely insists...I still have my old house. You can stay there."

"Oh, thank you!"

"No problem." She hugged me.

"Ahem!" We looked round to see Annie with her hands on her hips. "When you two are done." I rolled my eyes and picked up Liliana, taking her and Helena in to the kitchen for dinner.

The End

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