Maxxie: meanieMature

I moan again as the TV flicks into life, Cayden sat beside me with a smirk on his lips, knowing that what he just did will have me turned on for most of the day now, whether I want to be or not.

And some strange, apparently masochistic part of me does want.

Then again, there's the somewhat sadistic voice begging me to do the same to him.

I try to ignore that one, though, instead flopping across his lap, half looking up at him and half watching the TV.

"Meanie," I mutter. His smile widens, but his eyes don't leave the screen. My hand seems to develop a mind of its own as it reaches up, stroking the nape of his neck, as if to get him back. His neck is most definitely his weak spot, and I intend to use it to my advantage. My fingers trail down to the bend where his neck melts into his shoulder, drawing little circles there with an absent smile on my lips. A tiny shiver runs through him that I wouldn't have felt had I not been sprawled across him.

My smile widens ever so slightly as I stop tracing patterns on his skin, just resting my hand where it is.

Throughout the show on the TV, I alternate between moving my fingers over his sensitive spots and randomly stopping. He's doing his best to pretend it's not working, but the look in his eyes says otherwise.

As the credits roll, I push myself up and kiss him lightly on the lips.

"I'm gonna go to the shop and get some coke or something. Want anything?" I ask, vaguely wondering if it's acceptably hot enough to walk outside without my shirt on.

"You mean apart from sex, right?" he queries and I smile.

"That I do," I nod.

"Hmm," he stands up with me and hugs me from behind, his chin resting on my shoulder, his hands not wasting any time in reawakening the stiffie I'd managed to get rid of during the show. I groan inwardly. Why did I have to choose normal jeans? Why couldn't I have picked out my baggy ones before coming over yesterday? "No," he mumbles into my neck, kissing the love bite that I'd somehow forgotten about.

"You're evil," I whine, slumping slightly into his hug, as if my body is giving into him before I am. 


The End

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