Annie: Meeting GuestMature

"Hey, Annie! I'm back!" Rosalita calls. I move into the open living room carrying Liliana.

"Oh" I say seeing the girl standing behind Rosalita. "Whose this?" I ask letting Rosalita take Liliana into her arms.

"Annie, this is Helena. She has no where to stay so I invited her to live with us for a while" Rosalita says pecking me on the cheek. "That's okay right?"

"Sure its fine" I say facing Rosalita. I put a hand on her shoulder and let it slide down her arm as I pass her. "I'll just have to make more for dinner. My turn to cook tonight"

I hear laughter and chatting behind me. "Anyone want a drink?" I call.

"Yes please" They both call. And I can't help but smile. "I'll fetch them" Rosalita says and comes into the kitchen.

She walks in and come up behind me wrapping her arms round me. "You put Liliana in the other playpen?" I ask.

We have two. One in my study the other in the living room. "Yeah after Helena held her" Rosalita mutters and kisses up my neck.

"How do you know her?" I ask.

"Met her at the set" Rosalita say. I spin round shocked.

"You only met her today?!?"

The End

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