The fashion shoot was well under way, and I took the opportunity to get a coffee from the nearest stand. A model with very pale skin and long brown hair came over and ordered a coffee. She came and sat on the wall I was on in her dressing gown, just a little way from me. We sat in silence for a moment, and then I saw her glance at me with her brown eyes. I pretended not to notice. She edged closer, looking the other way. I smiled. She was trying to be discreet. I looked the other way until she moved right next to me and spoke.

"Hey." I turned to face her.

"Hey." I looked back at the shoot.

"I'm Helena."

"Rosalita." We sat in silence again and she had just opened her mouth to speak when I stood up. "Duty calls." I went to the seating where makeup and hair was done, and began on a model who had just come over. I saw Helena glancing at me from the corner of my eye and smiled. I had just finished the model sat down and glanced up at her on the wall when a kid on a skateboard, who wasn't looking where he was going, rammed in to her. Her coffee spilt all over her dressing gown. She leapt up and tried to rub it off. I saw the steam in the morning air. It had been steaming hot. I ran over. The kid was apologising.

"Hey kid, it's alright, just go before the shoot manager sees you." He nodded his head at me in thanks and ran off.

"It's not alright" Helena cried. "I cannot believe the week I'm having! Ouch!" I took her hand and pulled her to one of the trailers where the models got changed. I locked the door after us.

"Take it off." I took out the first aid kit and a towel as she removed the dressing gown. She sat on a sofa in just her underwear. I ran the towel under the cold water and pressed it to the growing red mark on her leg.

"Thanks" She said.

"No problem." There was silence as I put some savlon on the burn.

"This was exactly what was missing from my week."

"Bad week then?"

"Yeah. My boyfriend kicked me out the other day, and my car's been towed. I'm stuck basically."

"Ouch. You've got friends to stay with though haven't you?"

"Actually I'm staying in a little hotel with spiders for roommates."

"Well, why don't you come and stay with me and my girlfriend? I mean I know you don't know me, but at least you'll have a nice place to stay. And as long as you don't mind the baby, then you'd be ok."

"Really?  I mean, I wouldn't want to intrude. It'd just be until I could find a nice house."

"Yeah really. Move in. I'll take you to get your stuff after the shoot is finished."

She smiled and hugged me, and I couldn't help but extract myself faster than I normally would. I didn't want anything to happen. Annie and I had been going strong for months now, but you never know when my dark side is going to come out again.


The End

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