Maxxie: need to knowMature

What can I say? The guy knows how to please. Morning sex makes me a happy person.

As I'm washing the sex off my skin in the shower, I catch sight of myself in the steamy mirror and even through the fog, I can see a different person looking back at me. I grab my towel and step out from under the water, wiping the mirror clear, taking in the stranger before me. Sure, I'm bubbly, permanently happy Maxxie. On the outside. I mean I was never like properly miserable, but even I can see the difference having Cayden around has made, even if I don't know where I stand with him.

There's a sparkle in my eyes I've not seen for a few solid years, and a small smile that won't fade. It doesn't matter if Cayden isn't completely mine, just having a steady relationship of any kind with someone I actually like for once has been enough.

I tilt my head slightly to expose the dark bruise on my neck just under my jaw and run a finger over it almost thoughtfully. Was it a possessive mark, or was it a hint that he did actually ask me out last night? I slide my boxers on with a sigh and leave the bathroom in search of my clothes. I'm not actually sure where they went, to be honest.

After a few minutes, I find my jeans poking out from under the bed. I'm not bothered enough to find my shirt, though, so I abandon it to wherever it might have ended up and wander into the kitchen where Cayden is making breakfast.

"I was gonna do that," I say, nodding at the pancakes he's setting out onto plates.

"I never got a chance to prove I make amazing pancakes," he smiles, pushing a plate into my hands, brushing his lips on mine as he passes me with his own to the sofa. I smile too and sit with him, my legs crossed, half turning to face him. I eat half of the pancakes, but my mind is bugging me, cajoling me into asking Cay about last night.

My tongue flickers across my lips nervously and I glance at him, working up the nerve to ask him a question that could potentially really piss him off. Which is not what I want after the last twenty something hours.

But I have to know.

"Umm, Cay?" I finally manage to make my voice work as he finishes his breakfast.

"Mmm?" he asks through a full mouth, looking up at me questioningly.

"This is probably gonna sound really rude," I laugh slightly, "but it's gonna bug me if I don't know. Did- did you ask me out, last night?"


The End

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