Cayden: HickeyMature

I couldn’t help but smile watching Maxxie sleeping. There’s just something so calming about watching someone else sleep. He shifted and turned round to face me, planting a soft kiss on my lips before resting his head on my chest. How did he even find that comfortable? You can practically see my ribs. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but I’m still pretty bony.

"I don't want to get up," he moaned, eyes sliding shut, "I've not got work today, don't make me move."

I smiled again and pulled Maxxie closer, if that was even possible. “You’re not going anywhere, trust me”.

Maxxie snuggled into my chest and sighed contentedly. I bit my lip, wondering if he remembered me asking him out last night. Great timing, Cayden, you can’t wait till the morning when he’s fully conscious, can you? Idiot.

I kissed the top of his head and thought about what to do. Would it be too rude to ask him straight out? “Hey, Maxxie, remember me asking you out?”. No way, that almost sounds like I want to take it back. Erm… Ask him how many boyfriends he’s had including me? No, that’s just plain rude as well. Ask him again? No, it might offend him that I thought he’d forgotten. Oh for fucks sake, why do you fucking do this to yourself, Cay? You should be lying here with your not-yet-but-soon-to-be boyfriend not your boyfriend who-may-or-may-not-remember-agreeing-to-be-your-boyfriend. I mean, how are you supposed to… Wait, there is one thing.

I shifted, sliding Maxxie’s head gently off my chest and chuckling as he groaned in annoyance. I licked my lips and started kissing along his jaw. Needless to say he hummed in approval. I moved on to his neck, eagerly watching to see if it had the same effect on him as when he did it to me. Apparently my neck’s my sensitive spot because it had nowhere near the same effect on him. I mean, whenever he started kissing my neck it took every ounce of my being not to fuck him on the spot. I moved a little further down, paying attention to the hollow of his throat before moving back up, nipping at his skin slightly. I smiled as he hissed a little when I bit down on the skin near his jaw and started sucking on it, determined to give him the most visible hickey in the world. If I’d been even a little considerate I would’ve done it on the crook between his neck and shoulder but I wanted the world to see it. I wanted the world to know he was taken and that he was mine. I pulled back, kissing the deep red, almost purple, mark before making my way back along his jaw.

“Did you just-” he started but I cut him off with a kiss, deep and passionate.

Next thing either of us knew, Maxxie was on his back and I was between his knees, kissing down his chest. Then his stomach. Then… Well, need I say more?

The End

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