Annie: CryingMature


Liliana's screams echo throughout the house. I sit up on Rosalita sighing. "Guess this means an interuption" I mutter pouting. I sliding of her hips and move out of the bedroom. I grab my dressing gown and slip it on as I make my way to Liliana's room.

I open the door and there she is moving about and wimpering. I can't help but smile finding it so hard to be annoyed at her. My little baby. I move across the room then lower one side of her crib I pick her out gently.

I shush and rub her back moving round the room. I'm so focused on comforting Liliana I don't notice Rosalita in the doorframe watching me.

I turn and see her then smile. I blush looking at the floor and Rosalita walks across the room to take us both into her arms. I rest against her happily.

"Family" I whisper. Liliana finally falls off to sleep and putting the intercom on and taking the reciever with me, we go back to our room. Liliana sleeps for the rest of the night.


"Annie! Where's my keys?" Rosalita calls as she appears in the door frame of my office. I turn to face her pearing at her over the top of my glasses.

Liliana is lying gurgling in a playpen next to me chewing on Aimee's and Missy's gift. "I think you left them in the kitchen" I say taking off my glasses and rubbing my eyes before putting them back on.

Rosalita shakes her head. "I checked there"

"You check the third draw?" I surggest. She opens her mouth to speak then closes it turning and running off back through the house. I laugh and turn back to the computer.

"How's your new work going then?" Rosalita says sitting down on the other seat in the room pulling on her shoes. "I'm getting really confused at all the letters being transfered in"

I sigh. "Giving advice is much harder thaan reporting" I say. "You better get to work"

"Okay" Rosalita says. She kisses my head then waves and tickles Liliana before heading out to work.

The End

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