I went across to the door and opened it.

"Hey girl, where's the baby?"

Missy and Aimee stood in the doorway, holding a bag that looked like a baby present.

"Quiet Missy, Liliana is asleep."

She pulled a face. "Oops." They came inside, and Annie came across the room. Missy hugged her and then presented her with the bag. "For you, and there's something for Liliana as well."

"Thank you." I turned to Aimee and hugged her, whispering in her ear,

"So you and Missy hey?"

She giggled and nodded. She looked happy. "I think I'm in love Ros."

"Good." I kissed her cheek, and then she followed me to join Annie and Missy on the sofa where Annie was unwrapping her present.

"Oh very funny!" She laughed as she pulled soap and bath stuff out, with a note attatched that said 'because we know it's not only the baby that will smell today.'

I laughed, and then watched as she brought out the present for our daughter. A little teddy, with a cute button nose and big eyes.

"She'll love it" I exclaimed. "Would you two like to give it to her?"

"Please" They followed Annie and I in to the bedroom. Liliana was awake, staring at us with her beautiful honey brown eyes that were the spitting image of Annie's. I leant down and took her out of the cot, kissed her forehead and then passed her to Aimee whose arms had slid out automatically. She took her and cradled her, as Missy gave her the bear. Liliana took it in her little hands and shook it, then put it's ear in her mouth. I laughed. She looked so beautiful.

"Liliana, this is Aimee, and this is Missy. We're hoping they will be your godparents."

Aimee gasped and Missy grinned. "Of course we will be."

"You know she'll probably end up calling you auntie don't you?" Annie grinned as she took Liliana off Aimee and led the way back to the sitting room.

"I don't mind." Aimee whispered, her eyes fixed on Liliana. She had always wanted children. Maybe I ought to warn Missy I thought, smiling at the idea. We chatted for an hour, Liliana behaved throughout the conversation. Then Missy checked the time. 

"Well we'll be going." Missy said. "No doubt you want to be alone." She winked at me but I shook my head, smiling. "Bye then." Missy practically pulled Aimee out of the house.

"Alone at last." Annie whispered. She took Liliana back to her room and then came out and crawled on to my knee. "Now what have you got planned?"

"I thought you'd want some rest."

"Not on your life. You haven't been with me for ages. So now, I need you." I kissed her and then pulled her up.

"Come on then." I pulled her in to the bedroom and fell back on to the bed, watching as she slipped off her trousers andthen mine.

"God I've missed you." She whispered as she straddled me.

The End

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