Annie: Baby BedroomMature

We had to get a cab back to our house because the ambulance picked us up when I went into labour. Luckily Liliana remained silent through the journey.

I thought baby's cried a lot- Oh crap she started crying. I try to tickle her and rub her stomach gently.

"We're almost back" Rosalita says wrapping her arms round me. "And I can't wait to get back"

I turn and smile back at her. "Well, if she settles in her room I think you deserve a treat for lasting the most recent months" I say. Rosalita smiles and strokes my cheek.

The taxi pulls up outside. I get out slowly making sure that the carrier doesn't tip to much as I carry it out. Rosalita pays the driver then follows me. She runs ahead and unlocks the door so that when I get there all I have to do is close it behind me.

I find her waiting again at the baby's room. "So I get to see it now" I tease. Rosalita smiles then slowly opens the door.

I gasp. Its baby blue, so not boyish or girlish. There are clouds painted on the ceiling.... Its just amazing. With a cot, wardrobe, changing diaper table, toy box. "Its beautiful" I whisper. I lower Liliana's carrier and gently lift her out. "Look, Ana baby"

Liliana makes small baby noises as I walk over to the cot. Rosalita lowers one side allowing me to lay Liliana in it easily. I turn to Rosalita as she puts a blanket round Liliana and pulls the side back up.

"Thank you" I whisper. Rosalita looks at me and smiles. Then moving one hand behind my head she brings me into a kiss. "Not in front of the baby" I say pulling away. But I didn't need to cause the door bell goes.

The End

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