When Annie had drifted off to sleep I held the little baby in my arms. Her small face and little hands peered up at me, and I couldn't help but coo over her. She was ours, our perfect baby. The doctors had told us they would run some more tests, but she seemed to be perfectly healthy, and we would be able to take her home tomorrow.

Liliana yawned, and I felt a tug at my heart. She was so perfect. Annie was everywhere in her, down to the way her eyelashes curled and the way she wrinkled her nose as she slept. I kissed Liliana on the forehead gently, putting her back in the cot at the side of the bed. Then, I rearranged the sheets around Annie, kissing her forehead too and the I curled up on the chair, looking at both my girls until I fell asleep.

When I woke I saw Annie sitting up in bed, holding our baby to her chest. She was smiling down at the little form, stroking her cheek. She saw I was awake and the smile was sent to me as well.

"Good morning." She whispered.

"Morning." I stretched and stood up. "May I?" I asked as Liliana stopped drinking. Annie nodded. I took Liliana and stood rocking her over my shoulder until she burped. Then I held her in my arms and looked down as she opened her eyes and stared at me.

"How did you learn to do that?" Annie asked.

"I had to look after a baby on the set years ago. I got in a lot of practice."

"You're going to be a good mummy."

"So are you." She looked down embarrassed.

"I look awful." She climbed out of her bed and grabbed her towel. "I'm going to take a shower."

"And the amazing thing?" I said coming forward to stand in front of her, our baby between us. "I still fancy you like this."

She smiled and looked down at Liliana, who had begun to twist in my arms, stretching out her hands stubbornly. We both tickled her, and then Annie went for a shower. While she was gone, the doctors did some more tests, and promised we could leave when Annie felt ready.

The End

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