Annie: Birth of babyMature

 8 Months Later.....

"Annie, breathe" Rosalita insist tighting her grip on my hand. The nurse says the same thing but its Rosalita I'm consentrating on... that and having to push.

Like the doctors said 8 months ago my baby is being born 2 weeks prematurely. But the said recently that the tests show she's healthy. Another upbringer is I won custody of the child thanks to the abuse of when she was concieved. Oh, he has no custody but must send $220 a month. (I win!)

"I see a head" The doctor calls.

The hell he better see a head. I've been in labour for 13 hours and he's been looking at my vagina for the past half hour.

"Oh... here it comes"

Silence then.... "Waaa! Waaa!" The crying so soft and innocent.

"Its a girl" The doctor annouces. A soft cry escapes my lips as the doctor passes the bundle of blankets to Rosalita.... cause thats all I can see. Then Rosalita gently hands the bundle over to me. And I see that peeking out from that bundle is a small face and little hands.

"So.... beautiful. Liliana" I whispers.

"She is.... but thats cause I can only see her in you" Rosalita whisper sitting next to me on the bed and wrapping her arms around me.

"Which is a brilliant thing"

The End

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