Rosalita:Last day on setMature

She was asking me again, about the bruises. I grabbed her hand.

"I love that ring on you." I kissed her fingers but she pulled them out of my grasp.

"Rosa! You tell me right now!" She looked angry.

"Can I have a kiss first?"


"Fine." I put breakfast on the table. "Jonathan was at the house when I got back after we found the house. He tried to rape me, like he did you." She gasped and grabbed me, holding me tightly. " He didn't succeed Annie. I'm fine."

"How did you get him off?"

"I bit his dick."

She laughed, stunned. "Well I knew you had balls but that...!"

"You wouldn't like me if I had balls babe." I pressed her against the kitchen surface. She giggled as she slid her hands around to my bum and realised that I was only wearing a shirt, and no underwear. Her hands slid round the front but as she reached my hips I hoisted her up on to the surface. "Ok, now I really want to skip work." I put my hand between her legs and teased her, while she wrapped her fingers in my hair, kissing me.

"You need to go in. It's the last day." I stopped, then put my fingers in my mouth and licked them.

"Ok." I skipped away.

"Hey! Who said you could go yet?" She moaned and followed me in to the bedrrom, pushing me back on to the bed. "I'm not done with you sexy." She slid on to my hips and I moaned. She unbuttoned my shirt and laid me bare on the bed. I loved it when she took control, because in any other relationship I had been the one who had done the f***ing.

When I had stopped gasping she slid off me on to the bed and trailed her fingers over my curves with the pearl in the ring I had given her.

"Do you like it?" I whisper.

"Yes." She kisses me on the cheek and then rolls off the bed. "Get ready for work you!"

 I grin and pull on my pants and bra, slipping the shirt back on along with some tight jeans which I hardly ever wear. Annie whistled as I came out of the room.

"Ok, you aren't going to work. I've changed my mind." I laugh and run for the door, grabbing my keys and making it out the door as she makes a fake grab at me. "Come home safe" She calls as I jump in the car.

At the set everyone was hyper for the last day. There was only one shoot left, and then we were all going to have a bit of a party and flowers and then a drink. I made up the actors and actresses, watching the shoot and then removing makeup when it was finished. It was a good last day. We went round taking pictures. There was one of Megan slapping my ass, and then one of Cassy and myself giving Iris and Megan piggie backs. I printed them out on the way to the cafe, and then we all sat down for a drink.

I had a bouquet, and Megan's number because she wanted me to do her hair and makeup for the premiere. Overall it was a good day. And it got better when I got home. I slipped in the door and saw Annie bending over a box. I snuck up behind her and made her jump. We began unpacking and we were sat in the middle of the floor, surrounded by empty boxes when I felt the sudden urge to touch Annie. I'd been putting it off so we could do the unpacking, and now I climbed over her, straddling her hips. Leaning down I kissed her, letting my tounge probe her mouth. She let me in without hesitation.

"Will I ever stop wanting you? Thank god the job's finished for a week, so now I can keep you here all day." I said as I took a breath, and then kissed her again.

The End

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