Annie: CommitmentMature

We finally ended up in the bedroom and Rosalita still had her shirt on. I had try to tease it off a few times but she had distracted me.... quite successfully.

But now as we arrived in the bedroom.... I managed to pull it off and... "Holy shit" I swear seeing the large bruises on her arms. I take her left on firmly but lightly in my hands, its the worst bruised. "What the hell has happened?"

"Nothing" Rosalita whispers pulling away grabbing her shirt of the floor. She pulls it back on.

"Tell me Rosalita" I say following her across the room. She turns to face me and looking at my worried expression sighs in defeat.

"Maybe tommorow..... tonight can we just... enjoy the moment" She whispers trailing the back of her hand across my cheek.

"You'll have to take the shirt off again" I say forcing a smile onto my face. She smiles back also forcefully but pulls her shirt off again.

I can't stop my eyes going to the bruises but that doesn't stop my performance. "I love you Rosalita" I whisper as I'm stradling her hips. One of my arms holds up my body and the other is between her legs. I slowly pull it up and trail it along her body.


"Morning" I sing as I skip into the kitchen. Rosalita is cooking and it causes me to smile cause she's surrounded by many boxes. "We still need to unpack"

"Morning too.... and yes, maybe I could get the day off to help" Rosalita says.

"That would be nice but.... you shouldn't. Before you go though, tell me where those bruises came from"

The End

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