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We moved in to the house just two days later.  Maxxie and his new boyfriend Cayden helped us move in, with Gary bringing Annie's stuff from his house. They checked out the new house, but on seeing that we wanted to be left alone disappeared back home. 

Annie held me as we looked around our home.

"A family." She whispered. I placed my hand on her stomach.

"A family." I kissed her and rubbed her stomach, then broke away and looked down as her hand joined mine on her stomach.  "Where no one can hurt us."

"No more Jonathan?" Annie asked. My eyes filled with tears at the sight of her face, and the ache of the bruises on my arms. I think she noticed the small one on my wrist, but the bigger purple ones near the top of my arms would go unnoticed, I hope.

"No more Jonathan. You won't even have to see him to deal with the case. I'll handle it."

"Thank you, but I will come and be with you. I love you."

"I love you too."

"Shall we...can we take a look at our bedroom again?" She was grinning cheekily. I was reminded about the bruises on my arm.

"I was thinking about organising a party, you know, to celebrate us moving house."

"After we explore."

I stopped her and pushed her gently against the wall. "I can explore you, anywhere." I let my fingers slide down her cleavage and pulled at her top, peering down at her magnificent breasts. "Anytime." I began unbuttoning her top. "But you want me to explore you now, in the bedroom?" I pushed her top off her body and rolled down the arms, pulling the top off completely and dismissing it to the side.

"Yes" she whispered, her full red lips brushing against my ear as she pulled my head down to her breasts.  I licked and shaped, feeling her shudder and moan around me. I resurfaced, kissing her neck, her lips and letting my fingers trail lightly and tantilisingly down her stomach, teasing her belly button and feeling her breasts harden through my clothes. Both of us were breathing in short hard gasps, and I knew that soon this place would be broken in. The thought of it made me smile as I slowly unbuttoned her jeans, pulling the zip down while holding her arms above her head and kissing her.

"Do you really love me?" I whispered. It took her a while to get a breath to answer me with.

"Yes." She finally gasped. I smiled and slipped down her body, until I knelt in front of her.

"Will you be mine forever?" I asked as I held her hips and looked up at her. She groaned at me prolonging the wait but nodded, taking my hands and moving them closer to her pants. "What does that intail?" I asked. She looked down exasperated.

"Right now, it means you stop talking and put your tongue to better use." I laughed.

"Then will you accept this Annie? It's a promise ring. I'm not asking you anything, I am just promising myself to you." I slipped the small ring out of my pocket. It had just one extrodinary feature, a small pearl in the middle. I put it on her finger and she admired it, speechless. "I thought the pearl was rather appropriate in this circumstance" I grinned as I finally slipped her pants down and she pulled my head closer to her and gasped.


The End

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