Annie: HousesMature

"Uh" I moan as we walk out of the first house. "One house down and I'm already finding this hard"

"Its okay Annie" Rosalita says slipping her arm round my waist. She kisses me on the cheek and I look down at her hand on my waist. I find myself smiling cheesily and then I notice a small bruise on her wrist causing me to frown but I don't bring it up.

"Lets travel to the next one shall we" sings the over happy housing agent. I look at Rosalita who nods at the young man then speaks.

"Yes please" She says simply. We all bundle into the car and drive to the next house. Its a hillside place. Three rooms (more than we need) all equipt with ensuite, open living room with glass wall looking down on a nice part of hollywood, off that is a dining room/kitchen, then there is a games room and an office which if we buy it I'll be working from.

We get out of the car and I look at the garden, the back one has a patio and swimming pool.

"Beautiful" Rosalita whispers holding me from behind. I nod and smile back at her. The Housing agent leads us inside.

When we get into the livingroom. I'm quite happy. "I love it" I whisper. "This is it Rosalita"

I look back at Rosalita who smiles."I think so two"

The End

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