"There is nothing I'd like better." I kissed her and felt that instant heat I always felt when touching her intimately. But I pulled away. I didn't want her to think I was just diving back in. But she stretched out her hand and ran it over my skin, leaving a fire burning on my cheek.

"Really? You want us to get a place of our own?"

"Yes." I grinned, laughing as I heard myself say it. "Yes I do. I want you as mine Annie. I want you. I want the child. And I want us to be together."

She grinned, grabbing me around the neck and hugging me. Then she drew back and kissed me. I was attentive, but I didn't want anything going to quick again. I pushed her back gently after a while, but she just lay down unbuttoning her trousers. She took my hand but I took it out of hers.

"Annie, come on, it's not fair on Gary."

"He won't mind." She took my hand and sucked my fingers, then placed my hand on the top of her pants. "If you don't, I will." She whispered. I tried to resist, but that heat was spreading through my body as I looked at her, my hand so close. She took my hand again and put it down her pants. She gasped as I gave in to her, crawling over her and kissing her as I gave her the pleasure she wanted.

As she let out her final moan I sat back and looked at her as she fastened her trousers again.

"Why were you so reluctant?" She asked.

"I don't want to hurt you. Or the baby. When Jonathan was...well you seem to have problems with the baby... when you have sex."

"With men yes. But...obviously the child likes having a lesbain mummy." She smiled as she sat up, running her finger over my chin and then my lips. "I think I like it too." I smiled.

"Would you like to come with me to look for a house?" She nodded. As we left she told Gary she would be back later. He still looked nervous, but then he always did. Bless him.

I drove to the estate agents with a feeling that my feet weren't touching the pedals. I was that happy. Annie looked happy too, and her face lit up even more when we pulled up outside the agents. I went in, sorting out the details while she looked at the properties in the window. I called her in to look at some of the houses the agent was showing me. The estate agent arranged two showings for tomorrow around two of our favourite properties. Everything was moving fast, but I wanted it too. I wanted our own place, and I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it before. And with the money I'd been saving from the film, I could buy anywhere, and still afford to look after a baby. Plus, with two films and a fashion shoot lined up, finacially we were sorted. I drove  Annie back to Gary's house, promising that I would pick her up tomorrow and take her to find our dream home. And then I drove home, to find Jonathan standing in my doorway. I was glad Annie hadn't come back now.

"What do you want?"


"Well you can't have her. We're moving."


"As if I'd tell you." I said, pushing past him and letting myself in. Jonathan put his foot in the door and pushed it back, making me stumble to the floor as he came in.

"It's my kid. I can get custody."

"No, you raped her. You don't get any custody." I said from the floor, trying to climb back up. He pushed me back down and knelt over me.

"She enjoyed it." He pressed on my arms making me yell. "When the child was conceived, I wasn't raping her at all."

"It was after she was conceived she began to...come to you."

"But you won't admit she enjoyed me. Enjoyed me inside of her, giving her pleasure you will never give her, or even know. Would you like to know what it feels like Rosa? Would you like to know what it feels like, why she enjoyed what I could give her?"

"What, are you going to rape me as well?"

"I'm asking Rosa." But it didn't seem like he was asking. In fact, as his mouth slid on to my boobs, followed by his tongue, I knew he wasn't going to ask, just as he hadn't asked Annie. I hit out, but he just laughed, sucking on my chest as he did. I felt repulsed, and shudders ran through my body which he convinced himself was a pleasurable response. "See, you like it." He grapsed my hands with one of his, using the other to undo his trousers. He wasn't wearing pants. I stared, too shocked to do anything. "You like what you see Rosa?" He pressed my head to his trousers. And that's when I knew I had to fight, so I did the only thing I could think of. I bit him. He yelled and dropped me, leaping off and zipping up his pants again. "What the hell?!"

"Keep off me!" I spat as I stood up, getting his taste out of my mouth. "And stay away from Annie." I grabbed a knife from the sideboard and threatened him. He slunbk out of the house like an animal. I locked the door and leant against it, crying.

After I had showered, wiping away anything that remained of his attempt on me, I saw that bruises were appearing on my arms. I would have to hide them tomorrow from Annie. I slept, dreaming of her. Her pink skin under mine, how she felt in my arms, and how she could make me cry out, and I her. She was mine, and she gave me pleasure like nothing and nobody else.


The End

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