Annie: I can't come backMature

"But all the mistakes I made... Johnathan..."

"Behind us. Annie, Come back. I didn't want you to leave me. Let us be a family" Rosalita says.

"I left to make sure me being around didn't hinder you" I whisper looking down. Rosalita lifts up me face between her hands.

"I love you Annie" Rosalita whispers. "I though I had made that clear"

"But the girl.... at the italien" I choke out.

"A way to make you jealous and beg for me back" Rosalita says. "Just didn't work how we were planning it too"

The words hit and impact. "I'm sorry" I whisper then look down but Rosalita pulls my face back up.

"I can't forgive you straight away Annie.... but I still love you" Then she kisses me softly. I pull back and look away. "Annie?"

"I don't even trust myself so you can't trust me" I whisper. The silences that decends is bone chilling. Its so painful that I don't think she's gonna speak.

"Because like I just said we fit. I want you and like you put in your note you love me so obviously you still want me. You don't discust me Annie. Please, come back"

I look up and then I realise everything I did from the moment Johnathan broke into the house to the the moment that I came here was part of one massive big mistake. I love Rosalita. I knew it from the moment we became friends and she said those special words that gave me hope I was in for a chance of getting her to be mine.

"I..." But then there's a few things that can't happen. "I can't go back"

Rosalita's face falls. "Why not?" she whispers.

"Cause I don't want to live in that house.... not after what has happened in it. Can we get a place together?"

The End

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