Maxxie: sleepyMature

The dinner was gorgeous. The multitude of snuggle opportunities that presented themselves throughout the film were brilliant. The sex was wonderful. All in all, the night together was perfect.

All I can say is: where was this man all my life?

And I have to admit, the America/Australian accent he had going on was strangely sexy.

Having said all that, there was one thing wrong with the evening. I was nearly asleep when I think I heard the gorgeous words "will you be my boyfriend?" but... like I said, I was half comatose by the time I heard them, so I can't tell if I was dreaming them or not. Seems too good to be true that he topped off the night with that question. And it's kinda rude to go "oh, I had this dream you asked me out last night" in case he did and then thinking he hadn't offends him. And then I'd sound like a freak if he didn't.

I don't want to wake up and face the world outside again. I want to stay where I am, even if I am inwardly fretting over whether I heard him ask me out or not. If I wake up, the magic is over; today is just another average day.

Though... I do have a day off. And if Cayden's willing, I intend to spend it with him. Not that I know what we can do. I just feel like staying here with him.

I shift slightly and eventually manage to get my eyes open, despite how hard Cay's warm body pressed up against mine makes it. I turn to face him and his warm grey eyes waiting patiently for me to wake up, kissing him sleepily on the lips before moving down a little so I can rest my head on his chest.

"I don't want to get up," I moan, my eyes sliding shut again, "I've not got work today, don't make me move."


The End

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