Rosalita:What have I done?Mature

I got in, and discovered a note on the table. Reading it made me well up. A tear rolled down my cheek and on to the page, almost completely on top of the smudge left by Annie's tear.

Dear Rosalita,

I know I should have stayed around to prove myself to get you back. Thing is..... I don't think I can wait around and watch you flirt with other girls until I do that. Its not your fault I'm leaving. I'm going to stay with Gary... A little bit out of town. Far enough to not bump into you. You don't have to worry about him either you know how Gary is. Bisexual but prefering men.

I'm so so sorry I'm doing this. Crap, A tear just slipped onto the page a blurred a few of the words slightly. God, I can't even hold it together when I know this is best.

Two things you need to know. One, I love you... always have and I need you to know that even though I disgust you. Two.... I think I might get an abortion in about a week. I can't keep this baby.... not without you.

Annie Xxx

What have I done? I phoned her phone, but she didn't answer. I phoned Iris and told her the plan had backfired. And then I got in my car and drove to Gary's house. I stood outside and paced up and down, deciding what I was going to say. I couldn't possibly explain what I had done, but then she wasn't completely innocent. I wasn't going to go and get on my knees for her, but I wasn't going to let her do all the apologising either. My heart wrenched as I climbed the steps.

 And then I knocked on the door.

Gary answered. He looked nervous when he saw me stood there. Then he pulled himself together.

"Oh hey Rosa. What brings you here?"

"You know very well Gary. Can you just tell Annie I'm here?"

He sighed. "Sure."

He disappeared upstairs and I heard him talking to Annie. Then he appeared back downstairs.

"I don't think she wants to see you."

"Well I'm going to anyway." I pushed past him and  marched upstairs. "Annie! Annie, where are you?" I saw the door at the end of the landing was closed and guessed that was where she was. I stormed over. "Annie!" I shouted as I flung open the door. She was sat on the bed, her arms around her knees, her chin resting on them, staring at the wall ahead. As the door opened, she jumped and looked round.

"I...I  told Gary...don't want to see...I can't." She wasn't crying. She looked strong, and her hand moved automatically to her stomach. I went to the bed and sat down.


"Rosa, I can't do it anymore. I can't take care of a baby on my own, and I refuse to have it know Jonathan as it's father. And we can't go on like this. Neither ofus can hold down a stable relationship. We've made that clear."

"I tried. I knew I'd done wrong with Cassy and I came back to you. And the important thing is that I didn't lie to you."

"Oh yeah, I lied, that's going to hang over us forever isn't it? Another reason we can't be together."

"But I forgive you. And for all of have a child." I put my hand tentatively on her stomach. The lump was becoming pronounced. I stroked it and saw her shudder. In spite of myself I smiled. "You and I Annie, we fit together so well. Both of us are so attracted to each other that just one touch" I stroked her stomach again "can make us want each other so much we just have to act on it." She leaned forward. I felt her breath on my cheek and sighed, closing my eyes and breathing in her smell. "I love you, and I don't want you to get rid of the kid. I want us to be a family."


The End

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