Annie: Back to the HospitalMature

I don't know when I started screaming. All I remembered was Rosalita dropping her keys rushing over and pulling me into her lap while and curled in on myself.

Then I was taken into an ambulance. They let in Rosalita who with a feared look on her eyes gripped my hands tightly. Then one of the paramedics pushed a needle into my arm and I slowly past off into sleep.


My eyes flicker open and I see a nurse checking my chart. "Help" I choke out. The nurse looks up and her face breaks into a smile.

"Its nice to see you awake miss....." The smile fades from her face. "But I have some bad news"

My hands go to my stomach and she see's looking more sympathetic. My eyes fills with tears. "Tell me its safe" I whisper. The nurse sighs.

"You have signs..... that are telling us that your child will be born pre-maturely" The nurse says sadly. "It could cause health problems to the child.... which are already showing"

A cry escapes my lips and I put my hand over my mouth. "Where's Rosalita?" I whisper lowering my hand.

"Your Friend?" The words echo hollow in my mind but I nod. "She left a couple of minutes ago" My heart deflates. "She said she'd be back.... she just had to sort something out"

My heart lifts... Maybe she... No, she can't be forgiving me so early after what I've done. "Babe" The door opens to reveal Johnathan. I scramble my heart rate racing quicker on the monitor that I've just noticed is straped to me.

"Get him out!" I cry curling up. "Leave me alone Johnathan"

"I think you better go sir" The nurse says.

"She's carrying my child" Johnathan snaps.

"Just for now sir" The nurse says. Johnathan storms out. I'm actually glad Rosalita bumped into him on her way back.

The End

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