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"Get out of here dick!" The door swung open to see Annie's startled face. I almost broke down right there and then. "Annie, you and I have to talk, without this idiot."


When Jonathan had left, Annie and I sat at opposite ends of the sofa. She was curled up, staring at me with fear in her eyes, something I never thought I'd see when she looked at me.

"So what now?" She said.

"You are the only person to ever make me feel in love Annie. I don't want to lose you. But neither do I want to be with you after what you have done. You have a tie to my brother which, until you break, will stop us from being together in any true relationship. So I want us to be friends until you can sort out your life."

"But I know who I love..."

"Maybe you think you do. But Jonathan keeps drawing you back in. Even though I know you broke it off with him, I still feel as if you will go back again and again. So until I see that you won't, I want you to sleep in your own room, and I want you to realise we are not together."

"Are you being serious? You're just going to break our tie so easily?"

"Not easily Annie. You've driven me away by constantly going back to him. If he was continuing to rape you, then I would be mad at him only. But your consent, you going to him when you had just had sex with me...that is what disgusts me." She flinched. "Annie you need to wake up. You had someone who loved you, and you threw it away. You are only nineteen, you have a lot to learn. But I can't deal with you doing this to me." I stood up. "You can live here, but I don not wish to see you in my bedroom at any stage. Ever." She began to cry. "I am going out."

I grabbed my coat and left, slamming the door. I headed to the set.

"You're early!" Dave shouted.

"Yeah well, there was nothing else I could do." I set up, and soon found Cassy and Iris coming towards me holding hands.

"Hey Rosa! How are you?"

"Shit, you?"

"Why what's up?" Iris took my hand and Cassy my shoulders as they made me sit down.

"Annie. She's...she's been sleeping with my brother. She's pregnant." Iris gasped. Cassy shook her head.

"Oh god, poor you. You did dump her didn't you?"

I nodded, unable to speak.

"Do you still love her?"

I nodded again.

"Look what you need is to make her realise what she's lost. Then she'll come after you, and you can have the choice of what to do."

"How?" I said hoarsely.

"Get someone else."

"I...I can't."

"No, I mean pretend. You could pretend to date someone else."

"What just walk up to someone and ask them to pretend they're going out with me? Yeah right."

"Well I would do it but she knows me." said Cassy. Iris sighed.

"I'll do it."

"Oh honey that is so kind!" Cassy kissed her. I coughed, and they broke apart grinning. "Sorry."

"Would you really do that?"

"Yeah why not? Anything for a friend. At least I hope we're friends."

"Yeah, we are." I smiled. "So how do we do this?"

"Well," Cassy sat down and looked very business like, "firstly, we need those earpieces you have round set. Then I can tell you what to do and whether Annie is looking. You can take Iris out on 'dates' where Annie is, and pretend not to notice her. But it has to come gradually. If she thinks Iris is just your way of getting back at her she's not going to believe you. So I'd say I've still got about two weeks before you start 'dating'. But you should start hanging round, because that way she'll notice as you get closer."

"Ok. I can't believe I'm doing this, but ok."

"It's like some sort of mission." Iris grinned.

"Roight, tomorrow, we all go out to that italian you said she likes. And when Annie comes in, I'll tell Iris to come in through the earpiece and I'll introduce you two. You'll have to look like you imediately think she's fit."

"I could do that." i said, glancing at Iris and biting my lip. She laughed.

"Very good. You could be an actress."

"Who said I was acting?" I grinned. They laughed.

"You really are good. Ok, tomorrow. Until then, you should hardly talk to her. That'll make her want you more."

"I do know the rules of seduction you know. Before Annie I managed to get a girl whenever I wanted."

"Well then it should be easy for you to flirt with my girlfriend. But keep your hands to yourself unless I tell you to do something. She's mine."

"Alright alright." I said as I watched them kissing. I really do hope this makes Annie jealous. I'm going to do this for as long as possible, just to see how much she really cares.

The End

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