Annie: Lock RoomMature

Three Days Later........

"Annie!" Johnathan shouted hitting the door again. "Come on Annie. Open the flipping door"

I remain quiet. I'm curled up in the centre of my bed.... well. I haven't slept in it since the last time me and Rosalita...

Tears spill out of my eyes. I know I should move but I can't. Yesterday when we got out of the hospital Johnathan dragged me over here. When we got inside he pushed me down on my bed and..... well, do I really need to say it?

Its the reason Rosalita left me. Its the reason I feel so cold inside. Why couldn't I have just left Johnathan alone? Left him to find some other poor soul to take advatage off?

I had someone special, someone I could of shared my life with if I hadn't made that stupid mistake. I hear the slam of a door.

"What the hell are you still doing here?" I take in a sharp breath. Rosalita...

"We came yesterday to fetch her stuff. I left the room to pack up some other stuff and she slammed and locked the door. She ain't coming out Rosa"

"What?" I hear shock and hurt in her voice. I hear the clack of her heels then a hard banging on the door. "Annie get out here. Don't play the hurt one you know nothing about it"

"That probably ain't gonna help" Johnathan says.

"I don't care she shouldn't be doing this when she's the one who went and fucked my brother.... In fact your not even my brother anymore are you"

"Seriously Rosa.... I don't want to admit this but that day I said she spent all night with me.... isn't totally true. She ran out crying then the next morning called me and said she couldn't do it anymore....." Johnathan's voice is spiteful and angry.

"Then why did you come over so suddenly? If she had quit it" Rosalita whispers.

"Cause she's always meant to be mine" Johnathan snaps.

"No she ain't" Rosalita shouts then the door swings open force by a kick. "Get out of here dick"

The End

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