Annie: Knock, KnockMature

I snuck out earlier in the morning. I pressed dial and Johnathan answered immediatly. "Yes, my little sex kitten" He says probably with a smile playing on his lips.

It makes me feel sick. "I cant do this anymore. I can't do this behind Rosalita's back" I whisper into the phone.

"Then we tell her.... you know you can't leave me" Johnathan says certainty in his voice.

"I can live without you Johnathan. I'm calling to tell you to leave me and Rosalita alone" I snap.

"You don't mean that.... girl sex aint cutting it anymore for you" he jokes. I wince at the words and look back down the street. I had walked to the end to avoid Rosalita hearing.

"It will do" I whisper then snap my phone shut. I begin down the road and into the apartment where Rosalita is just stepping out of the bedroom rubbing her eyes.

"Where have you been?" She moans sleepily. I open my mouth to speak but I never get the chance to.

"That's an excellent question" I spin round to see Johnathan leaning in the door frame of the front door. Rosalita turns to go get her gun. "Don't bother Rosa, Annie ain't scared of me. In fact weren't you wondering where she was last night"

Rosalita turns and stares at him then looks at me. "Annie.... you didn't...." She whispers. Tear rise in my eyes.

"I'm sorry" I cry then race into the bathroom where I lock the door and sit on the floor.

I hear noise behind me.... but thats not what continuing now my tears. Blood spilled down from between my legs.

"No...." I whisper. "No..."

The End

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