Rosalita:With suspicious mindsMature

"...With suspicious minds!" I sang as I danced around the makeup trailer. Megan laughed.

"We have to hang out when the film finishes. You're hilarious!" I pulled a funny face and grinned.

"I'd like that Megan. Right, you're finished. Get out there and perform!"

"Don't I always?" She grinned as she left.

I hung around the set all day. The film was finishing up and it was good to hang out with everyone I had met. Even Cassy seemed to have gotten over our time together; she had a new girlfried with who she seemed very happy. She grinned at me when I saw her.

"Rosa! This is my girlfriend Iris." Iris appeared. She was pretty, with short brown hair and startling grey eyes.

"Nice to meet you." She said, shaking my hand.

"Same to you. How did you two meet?"

"When you left I went to grab a coffee at the coffee shop and Isis was there making a scene about gay rights. This big guy was beating on her and so I went right up and told him what for. Then this news reporter who had been following me started filming and the guy got all embarrassed and left. So Iris got some time on tv and I invited her to a coffee."

Iris grinned. "Well how do you know I'm not just attracted to the publicity?"

"Are you?"

"Hmmmm..." She kissed her. "No." I grinned.

"Right I'm going to leave you two to it." Iris smiled and slapped my ass.

"Cass tells me you're amazing by the way. But keep your hands off her unless I'm there to enjoy it right?" I laughed. How strange. At least Cassy has found someone with the same attitude towards relationships as she has.

With the shooting for today finished, I jumped in to my car and drove home.

"Annie! Annie?" She wasn't home yet. How weird. I settled on the sofa with a sandwhich and switched on the tv.

When I woke up it was dark, and I heard the door closing. I sat up, and saw Annie jump.

"God Rosa you scared me!"

"Where have you been so late?"

"Umm...I, I've been out."

"Yeah but where?" I got off the sofa and went over to her.

"Just, just out. I went to the...the club." She was lying but I would let it go. She was probably doing something for me, it was similar to the time she had tried to organise a surprise party for me. But this was slightly different.

"Oh, ok. Well I'm going to go to bed." I went in to the bedroom and undressed, slipping in to my night clothes and between the sheets. Annie came in, but I pretended to be asleep. I felt her arms wrap around me and I turned in to her chest, snuggling in to her. I could smell that new perfume on her again. It seemed kind of familiar.

She kissed my head, and her hand bega trailing down my body. I stopped it and held her hand while I fell asleep.

"Goodnight Annie." I whispered.

"Oh Rosa, will you stop this no sex thing?"

"No." I whispered and yawned, curling up against her. I felt my eyes closing, Annie stroking my head and muttered about sexual deprivation. I smiled as I drifted off.

The End

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