Annie: Terrible sadnessMature

I don't know what to do. I feel so guilty of what I did.... and probably will do again. Yet here I am with Rosalita lying so close almost naked now in bed but she's stopping anything from happening..... trying out a proper relationship.

I can't help myself. I trail my hand up along her chest and her eyes flutter open. They are slightly glazed over since she's just woken up.

I smile cheekily and Rosalita smiles back and puts a finger to my lips. "It's still the same day" She whispers and it is. Its just 11:45 pm.

"Oh, come on Rosalita....." My hand trails down and between her legs. "I don't like not getting what I want"

Her eyes flutter shut and she shivers with pleasure. I smile then slipping of my pants I stradle her hips. Her breathing quickens and become heavier. I lean down and trail my lips across her face.

I reach round with one of my hands to unfasten her bra and slowly tease it off. Then the alarm goes off. Rosalita's lightning quick and flips me over so she can stradle me. "You really had to gone and done that didn't you Annie" She whispers.

I smile and bite my lip. "You weren't co-operating" I wince inside at those words immediatly after they leave my lips but I don't let it show on my face.

Rosalita smiles then her whole body goes down to between my legs and I gasp gripping the bed covers tightly in my hands.


"You sure you have to go out today" Rosalita moans. She tugging on my t-shirt pulling me closer.

"Yes, I do. I thought you wanted to do the whole relationship thing" I say smiling. She nods then sighs. She kisses my fully on the lips, her tongue in my mouth and she lingers slightly when pulling back.

"I'll just have to bore myself at work then.... don't stay out to long" she whispers. I smile and wave back as I walk out of the apartment. I walk down the street and hail a cab on a different road.

Why the hell am I doing this? I jump out at the destination and pay the driver. Then I turn to face the house. I grimance but approach it. I'm just about to knock when the door opens to reveal Johnathan. "Knew you'd come" He says smiling.

Then he pulls me inside by my shirt. He pulls it off as soon as the doors closed and locked. He presses me up to the wall and messages my boobs beneath one of his hands. The other works on my trousers and pants sliding them off.

He unbuckles his trousers to reveal he's not wearing underwear. Then lifting me up by the waist he thrusts his way inside of me up against that wall. I scream which he laughs then moans at.

He carries me into the livingroom him still inside me then lays me down on the sofa. "We should tell my sister..... maybe she would except the fact" he whispers against my neck.

"We can't" I gasp. "It would break her heart to know what I'm letting you do to me"

"Then why are you here?" he asks with a cheeky grin. I blush brightly. "I don't know" I whisper. He smiles then leans down to lick my breasts.

The End

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