Rosalita:Flowers and chocolateMature

On my way back home I went to the nearest shop and bought some of Annie's favourite flowers and chocolates. I was really going to have a go at this relationship thing. I smiled as I walked along. She and I were having a baby, I loved her, and that's all I needed to know. For now. I wouldn't cheat on her again, if I felt like going with another woman I would ignore it, and if it really grew and I felt that this person was for me I would tell Annie truthfully. Everything about our relationship should be good, and I was going to try and keep it that way. I reached the house, unlocked the door and went inside. Annie was cooking.

"That smells good." I said, dumping my keys and coat on the table and going across to her. She turned, and I held out the chocolate and the flowers. She looked slightly shocked, and then smiled and took them.

"What's this for?"

"To show you how I'm willing to change and have a proper truthful, good relationship with you. No more sleeping around like I used to do. You and me hon." I reached in to kiss her, but she pulled away.

"I'll put them in some water. Thank you." She went over to the sink to grab a vase. Why had she pulled away?

"Are you ok?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, I just want to get dinner out for you."

"Aww thank you." I bent over to smell it. "Wow, I knew I loved you for something other than the sex. This smells great!" She grimaced and began stirring the sauce. I wrapped my arms around her waist and breathed in her smell. "New perfume?" I asked.

"What? yeah it is."

"Not bad. I prefer the old one though." I kissed her shoulder, and then her ear, and then turned her around. "Kiss me." She smiled, blushing slightly and reached forward, kissing my cheek.

"Now let me cook!" She demanded playfully, turning back to the cooker. I poked her but let her continue. I lay on the sofa, turning on the tv. Soon I heard plates being put on the table. "Dinner!" I jumped up and went to the table. I tasted the first bite of the pasta and sauce.

"Mmmm. Delicious Annie. You're an angel." She looked down at her food, probably embarrased. I dug in, savouring every bite. She was definately an amazing cook. When the meal was finished I helped her wash up, and then we sat on the sofa with her box of chocolates. I took out a chocolate and fed her, while she blushed as rosy as the flowers I had picked out. "I love it when you blush." I whispered, kissing her cheek. Her blush deepened. Her fingers twisted in my hair and she drew me closer. She kissed me, her tounge forcing open my mouth so she could dart it in, and Ifelt my fingers dig in to her hips, pulling her closer. Then I forced myself to gently nudge her away.

"Annie, I want to show you I can do this whole thing without sex. Tonight we just hold each other yes?"

"I believe you. But I want you. You don't have to show me anything, not tonight." She whispered and tried to kiss me again.

"I want you too. But I want to show you it's not all about what we do in the bedroom."

"We don't have to do it in the bedroom" she whispered, her fingers trailing down my top. I grinned.

"I can tell I've taught you well. But you'll never beat the master Annie. You can try and seduce me but I've made up my mind, and tonight is just about us, no sex, no handcuffs, no nothing, apart from kissing and holding each other." She pouted. "Although you do make it very hard to resist" I said, putting my finger on her chin and lifting her head up so I could bite her pout, and then kiss her. I pulled away and lay down on the sofa, allowing her to lie in fron of me, my arms around her while we watched the tv. I was doing this for her, and it was very hard, but I refused to have her think of me as sexually driven. She was the first person to get me in to a relationship, and she deserved this just for that.

The End

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