Annie: DamagedMature

The damage was done. I was shaking and shivering the feel of him still on me even where Rosalita touched me. Her hands stroked my bare skin trying to comfort me. But all I could feel was his firm hands grasping my body his..... soft lips on mine......

NO! I must not fall into his trap.... I loved Rosalita.... But can you love more than one person? Because some of the things he did too me before Rosalita got back felt.... pleasurable.

Actually nice. "Annie, speak please" Rosalita whispers. I open my eyes to see her face's inches from mine. I feel instant regret. How can I even think about being with someone else......??

"I'm okay" I whisper. I put a hand to my tummy. "I think"

Rosalita nods then kisses me on the lips. I kiss her back and my tongue darts into her mouth.  I love Rosalita, Not him.

But somehow these words feel false in my head echoing without no effect. But that doesn't stop me from feeling extreme pleasure while Rosalita kisses me her hand moving down between my legs.

I gasp out and pull back. "Did you bring the italien?" I whispers. Rosalita smiles and pull back moving off into the other room then coming back with the food.

"Lay back and let me eat mine first" She says pushing me down on to the bed. She puts some of her food onto my stomach then licks it off me making me shiver.


"Okay, I have to go to work now. Blimey I'm late" Rosalita skips around the kitchen the insident of last night forgotten replaced by the new experience of last night.

"Oh... okay" I whisper. She walks over to me and putting a hand behind my head kisses me full on the lips nipping my lower lip. She pulls back and smile stroking my cheek. Her hand travels over my breast. "Don't unlock the door" Rosalita whispers with consern.

I nod and she leaves. I move into the living room and pull my knees to my chest. Then there is a knock on the door. I stand up and move to the door.

I look through the eyehole to see Johnathan. I shiver but not with fear. Rosalita won't be back for hours.... My hand goes to the lock and turn it. I open the door and as I do Johnathan smiles.

"You didn't tell Rosalita the truth did you" Johnathan says smiling moving into the house closing and locking the door behind him. I shake my head keeping my lips sealed. I can't speak.... I don't know why I'm doing this.

Johnathan leans down and kisses me. I respond...... but not in a negative way. My arms wrap round his neck and my tongue slips into his mouth. Johnathan laughs slightly then moans pressing me up to the wall. I feel the lump in his jeans pressing up against me.

One of Johnathan's hands moves down and into my pants between my legs. I moan and Johnathan picks me up by the waist. I wrap my legs round his waist and he carries me to the bedroom. He locks the door behind him.

He lowers me onto the bed and supports himself over me his mouth travelling over me. "Isn't this much better when you co-operate?" He whispers.

Then he pulls off my top.... his top..... my bra and jeans...... his jeans....... my pants...... his boxers.......

Johnathan leaves at around half day leaving me lying on the bed in silence. I get up to get dressed once he's gone. One thought echo's through my mind.... Oh god what have I done?

Trouble is..... not once did it feel wrong but neither did it with Rosalita last night.

The End

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