I froze. I knew we were going to have this conversation one day, but I didn't realise it would be so soon. Then I smiled. Perhaps I could distract her. I continued my trail, whispering,

"I thought you liked the sex." She groaned, and then I heard her trying to regain composure.

"I...I do...but..."

"But...?" I slipped up her body, ignoring the trail I had left and concentrating on making sure the handcuffs were good and tight while massaging her boobs. I kissed her, seeing that she was tired and probably wouldn't be making that much of an attempt to resist me.

"Is it really enough?" I stopped again. And I felt my heart plunge. If only she knew...if only she understood... I got off her and sat, curled up at the end of the bed.

"It's all I know. I've never been in a  proper relationship before." Her face dropped in concern...for me! I was the one she was upset for, because I had never been in a proper relationship.

"Well, you could take me out on a date?"

I grinned cheekily "I think I prefer you handcuffed." Her face sank and I realised I'd said someting wrong. "What?"

"Were you telling Jonathan the truth when you said that thing about fucking me?"

"No! Of course not! But I don't know anything else Annie."

"Well come on, you can order in some food, and we'll watch a film. That's a start."

"Ok." I jumped off the bed and grabbed my phone, calling up the italian, knowing she would love some of her favourite. I ordered seeing Annie's eyes light up as I mentioned all her favourite dishes. When i put the phone down I turned to her. "I have to pick it up in twenty minutes so I had better set out now with all the traffic."

"Ok." She smiled. I got dressed and then headed for the door. "Ummm, Rosa? Aren't you forgetting something?" I turned round  to see her still stretched out, handcuffed to the bed.

"Nope." I grinned cheekily and went to kiss her. She scowled playfully but accepted the kiss. "Just because we're not all about sex doesn't mean we can't still have it right? And it's my turn with the handcuffs, so you can stay right there, and I might just pick some ice cream up on the way back." Annie pouted. "God that pout's cute!" I kissed her again, feeling less inclined to leave. "You still want that italian?"

"Yes! Get out there and get me my food woman!" She said laughing, and pushed me with her foot.

"Alright I'm going!" I called as I ran out of the room, across the dining room and out of the house. It was only when I got in the car that I began to really think over what she had said. Could I really do it? Could I really be in that kind of relationship? This is what I pondered as I drove to the italian. If I had already cheated on her once when we were just having sex, would I cheat on her more when we were dating properly? God I hope not. But then...this is all so different to me. I'm willing to change for her much does she want me to change. I'm already different because I have her as my one partner...everything was going so well...but isn't it still?

I almost didn't hear the waitress telling me my order was ready, I was that deep in thought. And then, as I walked out the door, something hit me. I hadn't locked the door. And there was one person, I definately didn't want to see Annie lying on bed handcuffed. Jonathan. If he came round like he threatened to...I thought no more, jumping in to my car and speeding home, not caring if I got a ticket. Maybe I was just over reacting. Maybe he hadn't come round. And as I was stuck in the traffic, I looked for my phone...which I had left at home. Damn.

I beeped my horn angry and frustrated. Please god, oh please don't let him have come round.

When the traffic finally moved and I got home, the door was open. Exactly as I had feared. I ran in, dumping the italian on the table and heading straight for the bedroom. I heard a scream. Annie! I flew through the door and saw Jonathan on top of Annie, fully clothed, but rubbing up and down, his hands on the belt of his trousers.

I jumped on him, and he rolled of Annie and on to the floor, me on top.

"Oh hey Rosa, glad to see you finally came to your senses. I like a woman on top." I punched his face, blood spurting from his nose.

"You bastard!! Leave Annie alone!!" I punched him again, and felt something crack. He yelled out and I stood up, kicking him. He rolled over and crawled to the door, me throwing abuse at him and aiming kicks at him all the way.

"Stop!" He shouted. I paused for some air, and grabbed the gun I had had before from the draw again.

"Why should I? You didn't!"

"I'll go!"

"Yeah I'm sure. And how long till you come back Jonathan?"

"I'll never come back! I promise!"

"You have five seconds to get out the door before I shoot you."

He scarpered, running as fast as he could out the door. I locked it, and then ran back to Annie. I unlocked the handcuffs as fast as I could, and then took her in my arms.

"I am so sorry!" I kissed her head, stroking her hair. "So sorry!"

The End

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