Annie: SeriousMature

I moved off Rosalita and I curled up tired. Really tired. "Annie, whats- Ouch these handcuffs. Where the hell did you get these?" Rosalita mutters tugging at them.

I smile slightly. I roll back over and stradle her hips to lie on top of her incredible body resting my head on her breasts. "I got them from a friend who was a copper" I say trailing my hand up and down her arm.

"Why can't you be straped to the bed?" Rosalita says wrapping her legs around me. I look up at her and smile.

"Cause I'm the naughty kitten" I say licking across her breast. She shivers then smiles.

"But naughty kittens should be chained up" Rosalita jokes. I smile then pluck the key of the night stand. I move up her body to reach the handcuffs and while I'm undoing them I feel pleasure between my legs which only increases as each handcuff comes off.

Then I'm flipped over. Rosalita's smiling. "But you shouldn't of let the darker cat go" She says with an amazing smirk. I tremble. I want to know what she's got in mind but something has been bothering me.

Rosalita begins to trail her lips across my chest. "Rosalita...... I know we've said we aren't just with each other for the sex... but it seems to be the only thing we're doing"

This causes her to freeze just above my legs.

The End

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