Rosalita:Calling in sickMature

"Pienso que estoy enamorado de usted" I whisper in to Annie's hair as she lies on top of me, exploring my body.

"What did you say?" She moved to kiss my lips.

"I said I think I'm in love with you."

She paused and looked at me, then kissed me again. We fell off the sofa.

"I think I'm in love with you too." She whispered. And as she said it, I felt a warmth spread through my body.

"Wait a minute." She looked upset, but I kissed her and then crawled over to our clothes. Digging through I found my phone. I dialled.

"Dave..." I said hoarsely.

"God Ros you don't sound too good."

"I'm not, food poisening."

"Ok look you can stay at home today. We don't need you in if you're ill."

"Thank you..."

"Get better chuck."

I hung up, and then felt Annie's hands on my back. I turned round and kissed her, kneeling on the floor.

"Did you call in sick just for me?"

"Well, at some point I'm going to have to see how much energy you've got, and anyway, I think we need to deal with this whole Jonathan situation."

"In which order?"

"Guess" I said, sliding my hand down. She lay down on the floor but I pulled her up, making her sit on the sofa. Then, after watching her smile and exploring her boobs with my mouth, I made my way down between her legs. She was so welcoming and warm, I felt her moaning and shaking and glancing up halfway through, saw her head was back, she was looking at the ceiling as she moaned. It was almost like some sort of sex movie. I dived down again.

I was just finishing up, licking my lips when I had an idea. Something I had only done once. And that time, well, let's just say that girl would still do anything I wanted. So, while Annie was still gasping for breath, I began. And god could she scream. And moan. Her hands wrapped in my hair pulling me closer, making me want her more.

Annie had lots of new ideas I had never discovered before. And some that I had but never thought I'd like. Because right now, I waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. I couldn't move anywhere, because she had handcuffed me to the bed. And god was she amazing. I was just waiting for her to try and do something to me now, now that I couldn't take control like i had in many of the other times. And then she appeared through the door. I gasped. God I wanted her, she looked amazing.

The End

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