Annie: She's rightMature

"She's right Johnathan. I don't just do it for the sex though" I say stepping towards Rosalita and pulling her to me. I crush my mouth to hers and let one of my hands slide between her legs causing her to moan.

"Stop teasing me.... I will come round there" Johnathan threatens. Rosalita pulls back from kissing me.

"Just try and get in" She says then looks back at me to kiss me again. Her own hands slides between my legs. Johnathan laughs when he hears me gasp with shock.

"I was actually calling to say that I've got my own lawyer.... and I will gain custody of our child if you don't come back Annie"

With that the phone disconnects. I pull back shocked and stare at the phone. "Don't worry" Roslita says pressing a hand to my cheek. "He won't win the case.... We should get dressed. I have work"

Rosalita blushes and I smile knowing I'm blushing as well. She smiles and we kiss ending back up on the couch. "We really have to get dressed" Rosalita moans.

I continue and smile cheekily. "You don't really want me to stop" I say whispering against her neck.

"Of corse I don't"  Rosalita moans. "But I have to go to-" She gasps suddenly. I've done something new... something thats making her now moan and shiver.

"You were saying" I whispers against her lips.

"Don't stop" Rosalita moans. I don't want to stop but at the same time I want to be pleasured. People are right when they say its better with someone you love.

The End

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