"Who is it?" I call as she picks up her phone. And then when I don't get an answer I slip over, naked, to wrap my arms around her waist. And then I saw the caller ID just as she had.



Slowly, I unwrap myself and take the phone from her frozen fingers.

"What do you want Jonathan?"

"To talk to Annie Rosa. Pass me to her."

"I don't think she can talk. She may have lost her voice with all the screaming she was doing last night."

"Oh you do know how to make a guy jealous. It's a pity you won't accept my offer of a threesome."

"Mantenga las manos de mi violador de amiga. Y justo tan sabe, ella nunca será suyo. No después la manera yo la he estado jodiendo." Annie looked at me, coming out of her revere.

"Oh so she can hear you? You would never say that unless she was there." Annie gestured for the phone. I put it on loudspeaker and handed it over.


"Annie, baby! How you doing?"

"Fine no thanks to you." I was right, her voice did sound a little hoarse. I grinned in spite of myself. Then my smile dropped when I heard Jonathan speak again.

"Do you know what she just said to me in spanish?" Annie looked up at me. " She said that until the baby arrives, you're hers, but then I can do what the fuck I like." I grabbed the phone.

"I would never say that you arsehole! You know full well what I said!"

"Why don't you tell her then?" I looked at Annie who was slightly shocked, and looking at me questioningly.

"I said keep your hands of my girlfriend rapist. And just so you know, she'll never be yours. Not after the way I've been fucking her." Then I looked anxiously at Annie for her reaction. She must know I love her and it wasn't just about the sex, and that I had just said that to make Jonathan jealous.

The End

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