Annie: Shiver and CallMature

I shake before relaxing as she trails the ice down my skin. I turn my head to look at her. I still felt the heavyness of my breath.

I'd never thought I'd have screamed so much. Blimey I was embarassed about it and I know now I'm blushing. Rosalita smiles again and moves up to stradle my hips again.

"I'm tired Rosalita" I moan but find my hand working there way up her thighs very close to going inbetween her leg.

"How about we take a journey?" Rosalita says moving down lowering her head between my legs. I gasp gripping her shoulders. God, she knows how to work it.

Then slowly she looks up. She moves getting up and pulls me with her but sits me on her hips so she can carry me.

She takes us to the living room where she lies me down on the sofa. She's totally amazing. I find myself screaming so much that I know in the morning my throat will be sore.


I ring to the sound of a phone ringing. I know its mine and I think I left it in the kitchen.

I sit up and hear Rosalita moan whose beneath me. I was slightly aware last night of me and her switching roles but not totally. It was just a night of a lot of bliss.

I move off her carefully and into the kitchen where I pick up my phone to see the caller ID...... Johnathen

The End

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