My nose hurt like hell, and the pain worsened when Annie dabbed ice on it.


"Stop being such a baby" she said playfully, clearing away the blood, and then continuing to hold the ice to my numb nose.

"Last time I checked, you were the youngest in this relationship." She shuddered slightly, smiling. "Why do you always do that?"


"Go all tingly when I talk about us being together."

"Because I'm so happy that we're together. Finally."

"Finally huh?" She removed the ice and kissed my nose. I grabbed her by her hips and made her stay where she was, standing in front of me while I sat on our table. She put down the ice on the chair, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Yes, finally."

I kissed her, feeling the fire she sparked in my lips spread down my neck, through my boobs and downwards. My hand slid up her top, grabbing her boob and rubbing it. She rolled her head back and I dived on her neck, showering it with kisses. I stood off the table and pushed her back on it, making her lay down and climbing on top of her.


I lay next to her on the table, the pain in my nose forgotten as I admired her still shaking body. She didn't realise that this turned me on so much I had to force myself to let her have a breath, because there was no way that she could do anything after the amount of moaning and screaming she'd been doing. I took a cube of ice from the bag that was still on the chair, and ran it slowly down from her chin all the way down her front. She shivered again, her breath slowly returning to it's normal rate as she relaxed at the cold of the ice against her hot skin.

The End

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